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Jane Joyce

Phoenix, Arizona, United States

I share my birthday with Franz Kafka (July 3rd) though I was born 100 years later (1983) making me recently 26. I have overcome a surprising amount of hardships, including a recent near death experience, and still some other current challenges. I have fun with it. Life is precious and though I always knew this my respect for my time here and my ability to remain happy and positive has exponential increased. I am truly blessed. Blessed to have the support that I do and the talents that I have.

I wrote my science fiction trilogy quite fast. All 3 books are published and sample chapters can be read on my website

I published each volume as I finished, subsequently the longest book, Volume 2, is 128,000 words and took 8 intense months to write, edit, design the cover, and publish. I have done my own book cover layouts and designs for the trilogy and a lot of my own editing, though I have had a deal of help as well.

The Trilogy is entitled The Totality of All Being
Volume 1: Lucifer's Experiment
Volume 2: One Ending; New Beginning
Volume 3: Wholeness

Beyond science fiction and fantasy my novels dig into philosophy, theology, politics, morals & ethics, spiritualism, end times, horror, and more. It is an extremely diverse epic taking the reader on a wild intellectual and emotional roller coaster. I would fancy to call this ancient knowledge rehashed into a new crucible. Esoteric doctrines, practices, and possibilities subtly made known for the brave explorer of their inner world and outer potential.

Excerpts available on my website.

Currently I am singer/bassist for a duet Pop/Metal Band in Phoenix, AZ called Scrupulous. We are freshly created and perfecting our craft, though we are confident our music will shine. Stay up to date with our

Interests: Musician/Songwriter - Bass - Vocals - Keys, Sewing, Cooking, Drawing, Painting, Sculpting, Metal Casting, Reading, Poetry, Animation, $

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • The Totality of All Being, Volume 1: Lucifer's Experiment
  • The Totality of All Being, Volume 2: One Ending; New Beginning
  • The Totality of All Being, Volume 3: Wholeness