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Diane Grimmer

Agent: mrs.Future

Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina, United States


Me??? well I am a wonderful mother of 4 great wonderful,angelic never get in trouble kids.OK lying here.But I am the mother of 4 great kids.I have had writing in my soul since the day I was born,eons ago,well 37 years ago.I am remarried to a young man 16 years my junior,that should tell you something about me,I am a go getter and i usually get what I want.As you can tell,as my book comes along I will need a really great editor,due to the fact that spelling and grammer were not my best subjects in school,my talent comes from God,not a classroom.
My book is a wonderful adaptation of my life with my 4 great kids,it is true every word of it.Erma Bombeck is my idol(God rest her soul)so that is the text that my work is in.

I am a vibrant redheaded irish woman and dont let my size full you I am 4 foot 11 inches short,3 inches ABOVE the legal limit of being a dwarf.And I only weigh in at 100 pounds.Size can be deceiving.What I lack in height I make up in mouth.My friends say I never shut up.I guess in stead of typing all day I should get a I talk you type program,my book would be finished in 2 days but then EVERYTHING is picked up on that and somethings you shouldnt hear.

Anyway,that is me,just a little woman with a big ambition living on the beach,broke,but happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Interests: Writing what else??? oh Little league baseball and drama

Published writer: No

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Digging The Drain Field