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Gary L Spraggins

Tempe, Arizona, United States


Gary L. Spraggins, author of Perceptual Distortion, spent his youth discovering the world. With a father in the US Air Force, he was on the move frequently. From the mountains in South Carolina to the jungles of the Philippines, Gary explored other environments and cultures, too, like Japan and England finding life in these other cultures, regardless of their , to be the similar whenever you took away their social stigma. In spite of their differences, he found that we are all one.

After his own tour of duty in the air force during Vietnam, Gary spent many years in the electronics industry where he received patents for inventions, personal as well as professional. He managed a team of scientists and engineers to develop his most significant patent. That was, until he had debilitating back pain from an old military injury which required surgery. This was a turning point in Gary’s life.

During his convalescence, he had a spiritual awakening that inspired him to write SECOND COMING: The Great Awakending. Everything he knew as a young man was made clear. Gary had a knowing that God was not this or that but was all of it and that we are the creators of our world. Being a Trekie from way back, he chose science fiction as the ideal medium to carry the message.

Second Coming is a journey to the future where science is worshipped as more powerful than God and cloning is a common occurrence. Technology has run rampant, driven by greedy, control-hungry men who plan to rule forever. The underground religious faction believes that man has forgotten God and takes drastic measures to put the fear of God back into the people of Earth before the ruling classes control everything. Take the journey with Garrett Allen as he comes awake to the truth of life and gets in touch with his own spirit.

Interests: Spending time with family and friends, philosophy, guitar, mineral collecting, writing, creating art of many forms, areobatic flying, and many other things there's no time to do.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • Second Coming The Great Awakening