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Thomas Sharkey

Agent: Ashley Glenn

Wegberg, Germany


Born in Manchester England in March 1944 and due to the political climate I have no desire to return.
I have no desire to become a writereither, I should live so long.
I'm non-religious nor suprestitous though I do believe in an after-life on another plane. I believe in ghosts due to personal experience.
If I happened to see the leader of the BNP I would throw a shoe at him, a horse shoe, one from a shire horse, full of rusty nails and traces of horse manure, and I would not miss, I used to play baseball.
Some time ago I read in a German woman's magazine a story about the holocaust. My daughter read it and asked if I would help her expand upon it, in fact write a story to tell the world. It came to 11,000 words, not enough for a book so I invented some more characters and coupled them with stories from that time told to me by relations.
Whether we have picked the wrong subject or not remains to be seen, but it is available for reading on the authonomy website for free.
I thought it would go down better in Germany, alas, my and my daughters talents are not at the reqired level neccesary for translating into the style preferred by German publishers, so I am on the look-out for a capable German beginner author whose English is as goopd mas my German. Ich habe nur Probleme mit der Grammatik. So any offers?
Thomas Sharkey.

Interests: Writing.

Published writer: No

Freelance: No