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Alexx Deshaw

stanley, New Brunswick, Canada


I'm 14, currently in the process of attempting to write a novel(Key word attempting. I am very close to giving up) and writing in general. Just looking for help, and people who can tell me if I'm any good.I'm still in school and probably don't belong in a writers forum. Espically since I don't think I can spell forum. I love anything animated, espically Bleach.

I live in a small town at the back end of nowhere, grew up everywhere.
I spend a lot of time writing in the company of my two cats and two dogs, hanging out with my friends, drawing and emailing. I'll probably grow up to be reclusive, and I have loved to write since I was eleven, which is when I started trying to complete various books.

I am a horrible speller, which makes spell check my best friend, along with an old computer where I do all my writing.

Please take me seriously even though I havn't got the slightest idea what a pseudonym is.

Interests: anime, food, music, reading, and relating everything to Seinfeld

Published writer: No

Freelance: No