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sylvan lightbourne

san fernando, Trinidad and Tobago


I am 24 years old,from the date 02-04-09.At the age of 14,i started too write rebillious war music,like what the nazis did in world war ii,however at the age of 16 i began too become,infatuated with uniforms,that now i wear one,am a local police officer in my country,a country where civilians are becomming super genisuses,creative they are in their efforts,too destroy the systems,we so protects.I am writing a book now called "UNIFORM SUPREMACY" AND THE CHAOTIC BRILLANCE OF THE HUMAN MIND THAT FOLLOWS IT'S CONTINUAL INTERVENTION.THIS BOOK I AM WRITING IS BEYOND THE WORLD,YOU MUST POSESS A DEGREE OF INTELLIGENT AND INTELLECTUAL COMPOSURE.It shows how behind the mind of a person,named in the book and called 'ator/ntorian' describe the world at his context of being a soldier,it also talks about the worlds events.

Interests: i am a 'uniform supremist idealists'also a subtractive opinion maker,and i love too write about ideals,second too none

Published writer: No

Freelance: Yes