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Bart Plantenga

Amsterdam, Netherlands


Home page:

bart plantenga: Amsterdam-born, U.S.-bred DJ, journalist and novelist. I've been a fictioneer and expositorian for a long time and a dj for 15 years in Paris, NY and now Amsterdam. I am the author of many radio / music / culture articles. I have published many fictions, including a short story collection, WIGGLING WISHBONE [Autonomedia]. My novel CONFESSIONS OF A BEER MYSTIC has been called the best novel never published but will be published in 2001.

Pata-speculative meta-fiction and hybridized erotic fabulism

"frightfully intelligent"
o Andrei Codrescu

"an incredibly talented underground writer"
o Glenn Branca

"playfully experimental, funny & futuro like the high end of sci fi and
the high end of erotic fiction"
o John Strausbaugh, New York Press

"writes with Burroughs’ druggy dread and Terry Southern’s sexual exuberance"
o Village Voice

I am defined less by family than by movement, more by place than by education, more by drink than by money, more by who I’ve met than what I have bought. Hitchhiker, factory worker, odd jobs, cab driver, foot messenger, house painter, gopher — mostly employment that is defined by the process of humility that is inherent in these types of labor. And yet, these kinds of jobs sustained me and allowed me the freedom to dream and write.

I co-founded the "legendary" NY writing group, the Unbearable Beatniks of Light (now the "Unbearables"), in 1986 at Tin Pan Alley a Socialist bar in the middle of the ailment called Broadway. The group has expanded to over 40 writers / performers. I also co-edited the anthology UNBEARABLES [Autonomedia

Interests: speculative fiction, meta-fiction, interesting writing, music writing, DJ/radio writings

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes