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Dy Delizo

Agent: Leonardo I. Delizo
Quezon City, Philippines


“The Synthesis of My Life” formulated using the alphabet of full name of the subject matter depicting the individual’s life—character, goals, mission, vision, philosophy, purpose, achievements, desires, aspirations, admirations, experiences, ideals, dreams and plans in life. It is a method of expression to make your personality important and make your life meaningful. It is a way of making an operational definition of terms and description according to your personality by heart using the alphabet of your full name. The Synthesis could be constructed into the form of poem, prose, poetry, song, essay, story, diary or any form according to your tastes and preferences.

“The Synthesis of My Life” was created when my right thigh got operated and I need to stay at home for 1 month recovery. During those days I conducted a regression analysis of my existing life and then contemplated and reflected on it. With in the 30 days period I deeply researched the real meaning of my name, what is my purpose, and what is my destiny using astrology and metaphysics supported by other supplemental readings---Heart to Heart…Feel the Heart Beat of GOD for 150 Days, The Purpose Driven Life, Leadership Secrets of Saint Paul, The Success Principles, and The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Every time there are words striking on me upon reading I noted it and put in the synthesis of my life and declare it as a mandamus to my system leading to perfection. Now I am using “The Synthesis of My Life” LEONARDO IBAY DELIZO as the key to my SUCCESSES and my destiny. I will use this tool for reprogramming and reframing my future career. When I finally finished the official description of my full name I decided to give a specific name to the methodology used of my composition which is ‘THE SYNTHESIS OF MY LIFE.”

I am inviting you to create your own for success.



L – ive life to the fullest with purpose—Valuing the human life;

Life is his teacher and the five senses are his guide;

Life revolves around by giving and receiving love;

Love and to serve all equally and without prejudice;

Learned to let go and to move on;

Lead a company that upholds the value of people;

Learning to give influence away; to allow those with gifts of leadership to lead; those with gifts of teaching to teach; those with gifts of service to serve;

Learning to create an environment where it’s okay to get his hands dirty, make mistakes, and find new opportunities;

Learned to focus on what matters most;

Like a runner, he exerted concentrated energy, honed skill, and fervent intensity to win the race marked for him;

Lives in the here and now, enjoying life and living on the fast track appeals to him;

Likes nothing better than to make things happen;

Leadership, managing others, and motivation ability: Leadership - He is a “Gung Ho” type of leader not too worried about having all the answers at outset, he is always confident a solution will turn up when needed. He is a realist who has a healthy, robust attitude to life and work. He is persuasive, doesn’t flinch at compromise and is inspirational in attracting others to his way of working---test results from his peoplemaps. Managing others - He is a hard worker who is used to directing action and he will organize most people who merely step on his path. He is not very tolerant and demands high standards of self and others---test results from his peoplemaps. Motivation - Getting results, creating action and being in perpetual motion are all part of his make up. He is motivated by ideas, activity and bottom line improvements. It would be rare that he needed any external stimulus to motivate him as he is constant, demanding hive of activity---test results from his peoplemaps.

E – xperience life together with peace and harmony;

Enjoys free-wheeling explorations of anything and everything which crosses his path;

Emanate forgiveness, compassion and understanding;

Embodiment of integrity, wisdom and inspiration;

Enormously strong-willed, stubborn, gentle, even soft, appearance;

Ever curious explorer whether the expedition be across vast oceans or through volumes of informative books on a myriad of subjects;

Endowed with a high vibrational energy that may be expressed through inspirational, teaching, preaching, acting, art or invention;

Enjoys calculated risk-taking and as a result is really good in a crisis;

Entrepreneurial flair: His nature is to take calculated risks. He has entrepreneurial flair, however he needs the larger stage provided by a corporate organization to bring it out, He is an enabler bringing others into his realm, is usually because he can spot opportunities and people to help make them happen—test results from his peoplemaps.

Excellence performance achieved: Doctoral Dissertation – Summa Cum Laude; Doctoral Dissertation Pre-oral Defense- Magna Cum Laude; Ph.D. Academics – Magna Cum Laude; exemplary sales manager trainee; outstanding student trainee, best speaker, best in practical arts, best in youth development training; graduated with flying colors.

Educational attainment: Bachelor of Science in Commerce-Management, Bachelor of Science in Accountancy, Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy, Master of Science in Business Administration,Ph.D.R.D., Ph.D. Educ’l MGMT –candidate, and Caregiver

O – offer the right sacrifices to the LORD and put his trust in GOD. To serve and to give his life as a ransom for many.

One of the best things in his life right now is partnering with some guys who would take a bullet for him.

Often involves a measure of flexibility to the team in how they get the job done.

Observe anyone at the top of their game and the results will be the same—they’ve all had valuable guidance and direction, and more often than not, it comes in the form of a coach.

Overview of personality: Accurate, responsible, correct and structured according to his peoplemaps.

Organizing, planning, and working under pressure ability: Organizing - He is always on the move and loves directing and organizing situations. He hates procrastination and will take the most expedient route, which often involves a measure of flexibility to the team in how they get the job done. However if he feels that they have descended into chaos through lack of organization, he will instill discipline and take over their organization personally—test results from his peoplemaps. Planning- He lives in the here and now, he enjoys life and living on the fast track appeals to him. He is direct, assertive and usually gets what he wants without too many hours’ planning. He is acting whilst others are planning. He does not appreciate the contemplative side of life as he needs constant stimulation, and to him this means “do it now”. He takes action quickly once he has decided on something however he is often caught between his need for urgency and his need for accuracy. Although he does not spend inordinate amounts of time planning events he would recognize the benefits if they were explained in his term.i.e. accuracy and urgency more easily balanced—test results from his peoplemaps. Working under pressure – He doesn’t really recognize pressure. He wants life to be productive and he does what he can to make it so. He is persuasive and often co-opts others to do the boring things that he is not keen to do. The boring things are what cause him to experience pressure. He has the ability to “blow off steam” and then pick right up again and get on with his life—test results from his peoplemaps.

Other personal details: He is analytical, impersonal and interested in established methods, he needs structure and gets irritated by people who seem to him to be changing systems that he knows work well, he does not worry unduly that truth or tact may not be compatible and will continue to tell things as they are, he believes that it is helping others improve if he points out the error of their ways, he tends to be fair and can usually see all sides of an argument, he rarely emotionally involved as he values his objectivity and analytical skills, which are highly developed, he is precise and can sum up large amounts of text in a succinct fashion, he hates time wasting and people who prevaricate frustrate him, he values his time and always has something useful to do and he expects others to be sensible and use their time wisely, he gets along well with “no nonsense” people, hard working conscientious people, like him, are to be trusted and can become friends-test results from his peoplemaps.

Organizations worked with: National Power Corporation, Total Research Needs – MBL Inc., Saint Louis University, Saint Louis University – Boys High Laboratory School, MR Link Incorporated, Philippines, OASIS Systems and Services, Incorporated, Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company, Reliance Resources Corporation, Queen of Peace Neighborhood Multipurpose Cooperative, Data Center College of the Philippines, Inc., Prudential Life Plans Inc, Taishan Insurance Brokers Phils., Inc., V. Y. Domingo Jewellers Inc., United Laboratories Consumer Health, Igen Portal International Corporation, Success Unlimited Enterprises, Aqua Soft Water Systems, Inc., Global Dominion Financing Inc., World Financial Group/International Marketing Group Philippines/Kaiser International Health Group Inc., Filinvest Alabang Inc, CPG Realty, Century Properties Group, Filinvest Land, Inc., American Way Philippines, Avida Land Sales Corporation, Sundance, Extra Excellence International (Philippines), Inc., Filipino Entrepreneurs & Resources Network, Inc., Alliance in Motion Global Inc., My Benefits Club, Jemserve Philippines Inc., DMCI Homes, Enigin PLC – UK, Force Fueless Technology, Philippine National Bank Financial Center

Organizations connected with: DMCI Homes, Enigin PLC – UK, MBC, Force Fueless Technology and AIM Global

N – othing can campare him-he is one of a kind. Meeting real needs while staying true to whom GOD made him to be – that is success!

Nurturing himself physically, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, socially and professionally.

Nonjudgmental, all-inclusive, sympathetic understandings of others are his primary gifts to the world;

Naturally possess a certain detachment from the small, narrow ego-self and much of the competitiveness and pettiness in the world which is based on it.

Natural generosity, big-heartedness, and good humor wins him from his many friends.

A – ccepting his assignment-add to life on earth, not just take from it; to find people in his life that he wants to emulate; to look at what is actually motivating his actions; to be aware of his heart, and not simply his résumé;

At heart he is very gentle, impressionable, and receptive—a dreamer;

Assume a new role at any time, all mediums are open to him as methods of self-expression;

Achieve a worthwhile mission;

Abundance mentality is his main principle in life. It’s a core belief that there is plenty to go around for everyone, and even more is created when one gives. The universe is filled with resources. He doesn’t lose just because you get something. “When the water rises, all the boats rise.” Help others get what they want, and you’ll receive what you really want.

Acts of generosity and community become not only possible but fruitful as well in the universe of abundance.

Aimed not to simply cross the line or receive the bronze. Instead, he goes for the gold.

Attracted to the fine arts and philosophy to have a direct line to higher wisdom;

Actively looking for new opportunities and work at it with all his heart as working for the LORD, Not for men.

Acquired the wisdom of Tiger, Alligator, and Shark.

Action and presentation skills: Action - He is certain in his approach to life and appears confident and sure of his decisions. He has been known to improvise in order to achieve a result and he just loves involving results-oriented people in his projects. He likes nothing better than to make things happen. He enjoys calculated risk-taking and as a result is really a good in a crisis---test results from his peoplemaps. Presentation – Presenting is a way of life. He is not shy in holding forth, putting his views across without waiting to be asked and he sees formal presenting as an extrapolation of this trait. He will only be a really good presenter if he prepared in advance and not count on being able to “wing it: however the process is not fearful to him---test results from his peoplemaps.

Administration Ability: He gives 110% of his time and efforts and expects no less from others. He likes to make quick decisions and this is often dependent on having up to date information to hand and in his view this would not be possible without good administrators and systems—test results from his peoplemaps.

Ability to dream, create, imagine and inspire are his natural gifts from GOD.

Attitudes: go-setter, do-or-die, proactive, adventurous, affectionate, charitable, colorful, courageous, dynamic, fluid, malleable, empathetic, exciting, humorous, optimistic, playful, resolute, extremely sensitive, touchy, imaginative, inspirational, have a good decision-making abilities, possess the ability to create change, idealistic, independent, focused, enjoy pushing boundaries, have an inspired imagination, and prefer to be in control.

Ability to do: Sales Management, Network Management, Stockist and Territorial Management, Strategic Management, Manpower Resource Development, Personnel Management, Industrial and Enterprises Management, Advanced Resource Management, Rural and Urban Development, Educational Management, Reengineering Program, and Convergence Program.

Accomplishments are: student assistant, artist, mystery shopper auditor, customer service representative, faults report coordinator, program head, consultant—health; education; financial; property; and energy saving, sales manager, field manager, account manager, division manager, HR and purchasing officer, quality assurance controller, broker, networker, general manager, researcher, VP- Academic Affairs, and records breaker-marked with flying colors.

Active field of concentrations: creative art and designs craftsmanship, landscaping, consultancy—-property, health, and energy saving business, network marketing, astrology, poetry, and thesis writing.

Amazingly consistent for him possess great powers of endurance and do not like to make changes or adjustments in his regular routine.

Always on the move and loves directing and organizing situations.

R – estore broken fellowship; reward those who are good; reveal wonderful love; reverence for the LORD is good; it will continue forever;

Realist who has a healthy, robust attitude to life and work;

Reactive to any changes taking place around him and frequently rush in to keep the “dam from breaking,” so-to-speak;

Recognize and overcome his limited beliefs;

Respect suppliers, treat employees and clients with dignity;

Religious Organizations connected with: Spirit of Love Catholic Community-SLU Baguio Chapter, Bukas Loob Sa Diyos Catholic Community-Baguio Chapter, Singles for Christ-Tuba, Benguet Chapter, SLU Liturgical Community, Light of Jesus Catholic Community-Pasig, Victory Christian Fellowship – Baguio and Robinson Galleria Chapter, and Buddhism – Gilmore.

Rich in walks of life encountered;

Rich inner life received---mystical, artistic, musical, emotional and imaginative;

Rock of strength, solid, reliable, dependable, and consistent;

Romantic and an optimist at heart, with a great appreciation for life and all of its pleasures and beauty.

D – efeating temptation is one of his struggles;

Dwells a strong, righteous and truthful individual;

Drive to bring hope, joy and beauty to all he meets;

Desire is to enjoy attention, admiration, and recognition for his talents shared;

Determined to win the grand prize;

Do things deliberately and methodically and do not easily accommodate the unexpected;

Direct, assertive and usually gets what he wants without too many hours’ planning, he is acting whilst others are planning;

Decision making ability: When he decides on an action it will be after he has researched the supporting data, and grasped the salient points. His reflective side will want evidence to support all decisions and his more active extraverted side wants action. If he has any doubts about the correct course of action he will not hesitate to say so, insisting that additional evidence is found to ensure the robustness of the ultimate decision—test results from his peoplemaps.

Delegation ability: He is firmly focused on the bottom line, he wants results and will do what it takes to get them. When accepting delegated work he wants to know exactly what is required, by when, and whose help he can call on to complete. He does not need nor will he welcome supervision. If the work has been delegated to him he will accept full responsibility and will deliver on time. He is a formidable task master. He is super efficient, spends long hours working to ensure projects are completed on time and to his satisfaction. He is not tolerant of those who do not come up to his demanding standards—test results from his peoplemaps.

O – ppose enemies and defeat them; Idealistic with a strong sense of right and wrong.

Ordered on fulfilling his desires and grateful for his blessings---prosperity, wealth, generosity, a willingness to help others, nobility, sharp intellect, warm heart, positive attitude, determination, a strong sense of independence, high ideals, as well as a love for travailing and learning new things, direct and distinguished personality, brave, energetic and courageous.

Outgoing and gregarious, likes nothing better than working with results-oriented people.

One of his major lessons in life is to learn to use freedom constructively.

I – t all starts with GOD…For everything, absolutely everything, above and below, visible and invisible,… everything got started in him and finds its purpose in him.

Instill a sense of purpose and vision with core values.

It is vital to keep his eyes on the prize, but it is just as essential to keep his eyes off of distractions.

Inner joy and buoyancy enables him to encourage and bring hope to others.

Improvise in order to achieve a result and loves involving results-oriented people in his projects.

Innate capacity allows him a boundless freedom most people can only dream about.

Innate delight with exhilarating enthusiasm in the pleasures of life, sometimes savor it with intense but quiet pleasure.

Influencing and communication skills: Influencing - He absorbs information quickly and retains facts, a skill he puts to good use when negotiating or trying to influence a decision. He is naturally persuasive, strong, opinionated and confident in his ability to win an argument. He just loves the cut and thrust required in trying to influence a situation to his benefit. He uses his strong personality to win others over and just occasionally he does not so much win as coerce them into his way of thinking. He needs to be aware when this is happening if he does not want them to later suffer “buyers” regret and the counterproductive negatives associated with this---test results from his people maps. Communication - He is detailed and direct in responding to customers’ queries. He is clear-headed and decisive and the customer will trust his decisions as he will most certainly sound confident and knowledgeable. He is very keen on high performance and if there are many complaints about the product or service he will leave no stone unturned to find a solution. He is making up his own mind about the levels of service he believes customers are entitled to. He is stickler for quality, and giving a good impression of the organization would be a must for him. His correspondence will be filed, easily retrieved and used to find quick solutions to problems—test results from his peoplemaps.

B – lessed with incredible talent, skills, opportunity, and education.

Born with considerable versatility—the ability to do almost anything he attempts with superior skill.

Bring joy and inspiration to all by his sunny outlook and creative talents.

Be an agent of change and live out his call. Calling is where his deepest joy and the world’s needs meet. Sometimes it makes him cry. Other times it makes him so excited that he can’t sit still.

Be completely humble and gentle;

Be patient, bearing with one another in love;

Boring things are what cause him to experience pressure;

Bursting with enthusiasm and optimism, very imaginative, creative and versatile;

Blaze new trails with independent streak;

Busy person, often constantly working to maintain the emotional integrity of his world.

A – clear conscience is vital to him to experiencing true fulfillment;

Act to achieve;

Assume a new role at any time; all mediums are open to him as methods of self-expression;

Ability to listen and to uncritically accept draws others to him;

Attracted to or identified with the underdogs, the rejects or broken ones, those who are in need;

And all night long the LORD protects him. He calls to the LORD for help, and from GOD’s sacred hill he answers him;

All that he has is a gift from GOD. Share his time, talents and treasure in gratitude for all that GOD has given him;

Apply the financial principles of the wealthy;

Y – AWEH is his great provider. GOD’s constant love is his guide; GOD’s faithfulness always leads him.

D – eveloping his friendship with GOD-- Ampilam Guam Exemenerao, Creator, Maker, Lord and Master, Judge, Redeemer, Father, Savior, and much more.

Destined to become philanthropist, philosopher, voyager, entrepreneur, educator, nature lover, collector, business tycoon, astrologist, explorer, counselor, gardener, flutist, dancer, entertainer, vocalist, researcher, broker, joker, artist, writer, publisher, composer, and poet.

E – ach day announces it to the following day; each night repeats it to the next.

Embracing his desert and does not avoid the pain, the darkness, or the solitude to unlock and discover a new ability to bear lasting fruit, to develop the ability to endure the ups and downs of life with confidence and hope.

Experience success doing what he loves to do.

Empathetic and keenly sense the emotions and feelings of others, to which he responds with compassion and a sincere desire to help when needed;

Experiencing oneness and interconnectedness without losing personal identity;

Easily moved by emotion and pity, he has few rigid rules, boundaries, or absolutes;

Early years are likely to be spent in a whirl of activities, enjoying friendships and social engagements and exploring creative and artistic worlds as well, working on to figure out how to work---on taming the restless, impatient and impulsive side of his character.

L – ife is a temporary assignment for him. He exists to fulfill GOD’s special purpose for this generation.

Life coaching produces results.

Life is a gift; enjoy it! Share what’s going on in his life and in his endeavors. Talk honestly about his struggles, obstacles, and breakthroughs-and then listen.

Liberty in relationship is significant to his humanity.

I – t takes time for him…Everything on earth has its own time and its own season. Discovering his deepest passion and do what unleashes his greatest surge of energy. GOD has made everything beautiful in its time.

Z – ealously aiming to be true, noble, obedient, faithful, honest, passionate, open arms, generous, adorable, model, compassionate, conscientious, courteous, sensitive, sympathetic, responsive, optimistic, receptive, cheerful, concerned, considerate, transparent, and creative with

O – verflowing unconditional love and support coming from his family to ultimately achieve his dreams come true. Thank you LORD. AMEN. Soar High GOD’s eagle!!!

HIS Philosophy: Life is a gift; enjoy it! Live life to the fullest with purpose—valuing the human life.

HIS Mission: To practice the Synergy Principle “1+1=3” in order to deliver unlimited abundance in life.

HIS Vision: Establish harmonious relationship to business partners, existing clients and future clients thru the application of the synergy principle professionally.

HIS Goal: To fulfill His special purpose for this generation with the signature of GOD.

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