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Tracey Lapham

Agent: agentname
Barrie, Canada


I'm seventeen right now, but I like to think I seem older.
I'm bisexual; currently I'm in an open relationship with a boy, and a casual relationship with a girl.
I live with my dad, my step-mom and two brothers; and sometimes I live with my mom. I also have two more brothers, on my mom's side; and two sisters, of my dad's, who I don't live with.
Just a few months ago I found out that I'm Aboriginal. I was always interested in the culture, but finding out that it's my own culture has really spurred me to learn more about it. Now I smudge every morning before work :)

I've been reading since I was a tot, and writing since I was five (I still have a few messy, nonsensical stories from that stage of my life!) I think that visual art and language are all really interrelated.
In the ninth grade I realized how interested I am in spirituality, philosophy and psychology; and I realized that my one major reason for living is to find truth and love.
Soon after that, I discovered a passion for cooking; my dad loves to cook, and I took a couple professional cooking courses in high school.
I've always loved pets (and wild animals, too!)

When I was very, very young, I dreamed that my mother and I were overseas feeding many children. Since then, this has been my dream. My goal in life is to make as many people as possible happy.

Poetry was my thing, since I was about eight. I also loved to write clichéd romance stories, but I've branched out a lot in the past couple years.
I just started a children's book. The kids have to do word puzzles to figure out what the story is, which I thought might be kind of neat for them. It should be released in August 2009.
I've been writing my autobiography, Shattered, for about three years now; so once the children's book is out, I must make it a full-time project to finish that. My goal publishing date for Shattered is summer 2010.
After that, there are a lot of ideas rolling around in my head but we'll have to see!

When I was thirteen, I got a short poetry anthology published. It is not available in book stores; you can order a copy from me directly.
Books are $5.99CDN, plus shipping.

I have my first position ever! I am working for the summer as the receptionist at BANAC; it's the Anishnaabe equivalent to United Way.
In October I'm starting a culinary arts course at Liaison College; yay!

Ultimately, I want to open my own restaurant; adopt at least one child from each continent; do as much activist work as possible; and write a kazillion books in the process! We'll see how that goes!

Well, that's about all I can think to say about myself off the bat...
Feel free to contact me through email if you have any inquiries about my books, or anything else!

Ciao for now,

Interests: truth, love, writing, family, cooking, art, spirituality, psychology, philosophy, sex, reading, animals, design, biology (cells under a microscope and genetics...not the bloody frogs in high school!)

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  • Whispered Words