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Logan Albrecht

Agent: agentname
APO, Japan

My name is Logan, I'm 19 years old,
and I hope to gain knowledge from this website.

If anyone has any advice to offer, I'll gladly accept.

My main problem is that I don't know how to come up with all the filler that makes a book a book, instead of just a plot. My vocabulary needs a great deal of help also.
Hopefully I can find that here, instead of being forced to read a dictionary several times.

I hope I can fix these things, and enjoy some success, in writing,
I will be happy just finishing stories, even if they are not published.

My grammar also needs some work, but that can be fixed rather easily I believe.

Hopefully my writing career has not reached it's zenith, with me having written
nothing special so far.

Interests: Writing, Reading, Engineering, Law, History, Military, Politics, Music, and many other much more interesting things.

Published writer: No

Freelance: No