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Simon Turney

Bedale, United Kingdom


Home page:

Educated in classical history, I've done almost every sort of job that doesn't involve classical history in any way. I think that this has led me to appreciate my hobby all the more and the desire to write grew out of an ennui caused by my general lack of career moves and a need to express myself and become more involved in history. As such, all I write, whether it be real-world novel or fantasy, is still historical and heavily based in the Roman period. Probably style-wise my greatest literary influence is Guy Gavriel Kay, who is still my favourite writer.

I began writing a historical novel called Marius' Mules in 2003/2004 and had completed it a little over a year later. Around 2005/2006 I wrote a second novel. This one, Interregnum, while heavily based on late Rome, was a fantasy work. Since I finished that, I have shelved three projects while concentrating on trying to sell the first two. Neither was published until an offer of free P.O.D. publishing this year. I am dearly hoping that I can achieve high enough sales to attract the attentions of a mainstream publisher in this tough market.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • Interregnum
  • Marius' Mules