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Asif Raza Morio

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Street No: 1, Chambers No: 1/ 2, Meenhalabad Colony, Airport Road
Larkana, Pakistan


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Asif Raza Morio.
A realistic critic and Great historical researcher of the Time.
Samar Zaman.
Senior Reporter, Bangladesh Times.
Asif Raza Morio is expert historian writer, who has been considered not only amongst some adventurous journalists of his country but from few young and true press investigators of the time. He is working as researcher, journalist, editor in print and broadcaster of media as well as online writer since 15 years.
Asif Raza was born in 1st April 1969, in village Soomar Khan Morio (famous as Kot Mirza Kalo), a remote suburb which is around 30 kilometers away from Larkana city. His father Dur Mohammed Morio was a land owner who has seven dauthers and four sons among whom Asif was on 8th in number. He had his primary education up to 5th in his parish and from 6th to 8th three kilometers away from his township in another village named Veehar. Asif Raza passed his Matriculation Degree from D.C. High school Larkana whereas he approved his bachelor degree from Shah A. Latif University Khairpur where he majored in Geography and minored in chemistry with physics while he passed master degrees in Social work and political science.
Asif Raza started to write for pleasure in few magazines like monthly urdu Digest Adab-e-Arz Lahore, Monthly urdu Magazine Shama Karachi, Monthly Urdu/Sindhi Magazine Kalakar as Managing Editor, Monthly Sindhi Magazine Moen Jo Daro as Editor, Monthly Sindhi Magazine Sabhya etc: while he started article writing in Sindhi daily newspapers Awami Awaz, Daily Pak and Daily Kawish. He had been writing in Daily Newspaper Dawn for few months.
By joining Daily Ummat, weekly Takbeer and monthly Gazi Magazine he has become mature and professional journalist and there started his proficient career in newspaper journalism. This institution not only nourished him completely but played important character in career building. Asif Raza has also been resident editor of Pakistan sat the Khaleej Times, where he was responsible for the articles of Asian history, archeology and anthology articles where he did award-winning research services.
Asif Raza has been program coordinator of US Aid for two years. He also served in All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA) as executive director for six months. He has assisted National Geographic Channel team in two projects of Treasures of Kremlin and Golden hoards of Bacteria. Qazi Asif carves about him on his book Zulfqar Ali Bhutto and International Media that “Asif is among such exploratory correspondent who for their enjoyable work always keep their life in danger. For a time he can be seen counseling with patients of AIDS, a moment or two he for his data dwelling with euniques.
Some times he in search of migratory birds can be seen around huge watery places and several times roaming around waterless dry mountainous ranges of Kohistan and a quantity of occasion getting sun bath over skyscraping steeples of Kirthar Mountains”. Asif Raza Morio is a pointed analyst of the history of Sindh who in his works facilitates the missing links and bogus penetrations into Asian history by defogging the delusions and mistaken beliefs of times gone by with his innovative researches.
Renowned writer Aziz Mangi marked down in his article published in 4th April’s issue of monthly Magazine Shaheed Rani that “when we so called writers of his age were engaged in sorting out the literature and bio sketches of people then Asif has not only noted down the universal topics but published also. When dry theme of history and archaeology passes through the path of his pen it converts into pearls. His works does not be full of borrowed pieces of narration from alien books of different historians but exclusive scientific facts of history”.
Asif raza served in wide collection of media organizations where has corresponded major media, social, historical and archaeological issues. For his responsibilities he traveled the world following major stories such as Bamian crises in Afghanistan, Earth quake in Northern areas of Pakistan and tsunami in Sri Lanka as well. He has moreover reported on crises from places such as Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, and Israel. He also courageously accounted the court-martial of American soldiers for abuses at Abu Ghraib prison along with his reporting skills from the West Bank on the violence in the Middle East.
Throughout his career Asif has been committed toward research, environment, history and human issues. He is among those who sow the seed of introducing earning media technology through product and strategic development. He has been media strategy consultant, corporate, editorial and program developer of many organizations.
Many dramas of Asif raza has been televise on different small screens especially on Sindhi TV channel KTN, among which Makafat-e-aml, 786 Rupees, Mseeha, Aakhri darwaza were important. In all these plays Asif was not only writer but as an actor he was leading the characters. He also performed in 5days mini serial “Shatranj” which was directed by Ayub Gad. His first TV drama as actor was ‘Punhal Khan poe’ starred as Alisha, Usman flash, Nadim Sagr and Javed Shaikh whereas as a writer and actor his first drama was Aakhri Darwaza in KTN.
Asif has earned award recognitions such as the Amy pen award 2005 for distinguished achievement in research Journalism. South African National Editors’ forum awarded him as best social critique on his research on the topic of third gender in 2004.
Asif Raza Morio is now working as Editor of International Magazine Jewel Time along with many world reputed periodicals in among editorial board. He is also affiliated with many global social organizations like Liberal Forum Pakistan and Spark (Society for protection against Child Labor).
Asif Raza Is founder and president of Indus Cultural and Literary Organization (ICLO) which focus to sponsor Sindhi folk lore, Historical institutions, social practices, communal customs and over all way of life among global societies. The goal of this organization is to bring about the social, historical, education, coalition building and cultural change through power weapon of pen.
Asif Raza is serving as general manager of Sambara Travel and Tours which aims to promote tourism and culture of his country. He is owner of the two sales and advertising websites and, where he administered multiple facets of the site, including sales, business development, operations and product development.
Asif Raza has written more than forty books on unusual topics among which further than fifteen manuscripts are published and by winning enormous fame and name reckoned him among global celebrity authors. His works has been translated in many languages. He is famous not only among ranks but is in good books of first class personalities. Former prime Minister of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto Wrote for him in his book Mohenjo-Daro, Mysterious city of Indus valley civilization that “lively reading on civilization of Indus valley by Asif Raza Morio…..the breadth of references in this collection is impressive……..vivid…..and moving”.
For same book brainy Indian writer Khushwant Singh commented that “Infect Asif has attempted meticulous research which not only clear the view point on the subject of Indus valley civilization but genuinely strengthen ancient records of sub continent as well that have been found plainly complex and difficult when ever to get assemble……..this is most simple and reliable Indus account I ever go through”.
In this perspective prominent educationist and writer Fayaz Latif in the preface of another Asif Raza’s Book “Molvi Mohammed Qasim Mashori, Story of a Brave man” engraved on page number 22 that “the work of Asif Raza as Editor is praiseworthy. Spaced out from journalistic services the exertions he made from the aspect of an author, researcher and historian stayed him fabulous place and worth in research arenas. Asif is such a figurative critic who to preserve his diversity for all time maintain himself full time operational in his field. Having high intention and remarkable emblems of attractive treatment and swift use of words can be interpreting in his scripts. He regardless of session in front of decorated table of his drawing room and marking with precious pen prefers to get into the turf of labor practically. His heart is tough and exploratory like gypsies along with prescience and sensitive like and artist. To facilitate this motive he always laid a hand on unusual and splendid subject matters to work”.

Interests: Reading, Research in History, anthropology, Archaeology. writing books. Music. body building.

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