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Anita Myles

Gorakhpur, India


Professor of English at DDU Gorakhpur University.
Former Head, Department of English at DDU Gorakhpur University, Gorakhpur.

1. Essays: Impersonal and Personal (Ed.) Vishvidaylaya Prakashan, Varanasi. Text Book for under graduate students

2. Doris Lessing: A Novelist with Organic Sensibility (Pub. Simultaneously in India by
Associate Publishers, New Delhi and in London by Stosius Inc.: Advent Book Division, London April 1991 ISBN8170450683, ISBN 13-978-81704506899 (1991)

3. The Pillars of Twentieth Century English Drama (1998) NU Prakashan, Gorakhpur.

4. Twentieth Century English Novelists: The Trend Setters (2001) Kanishka Publishers,
New Delhi.

5. Feminism and the Post- Modern Indian Women Novelists in English (2006) Sarup and
Sons, New Delhi

_7. Contemporary Indian English Drama: An Overview (2010) Sarup and Sons, New Delhi,ISBN 978-81-7625-629-2._
8. Literature and Environment(Edited) (2011) published by Sarup and Sons New Delhi._
8. Critical Essays on Literature and Environment (Edited) (2012) Sarup and Sons, New Delhi, ISBN 978-81-7625-848-7.___________________

Research Papers:

1. Man and Indifferent Nature in Stephen Crane�s The Open Boat. The Mahanadi Review Ed. P.K.Jagadeb, Cuttack vo.III no. I Oct-Dec 1981

2. From Martyrdom to Sainthood: Thematic Study of the Plays of T.S. Eliot.TSE: A birth Centenary tribute to Thomas Stearns Eliot Ed. Narsingh Srivastava December 1988, Gorakhpur.

3. The Future of Indo Anglian Fiction. Inter Disciplinary Dialogue Seminar Papers of the 5th, 6th and 7th Orientation Courses vol. 2 Academic Staff College, Gorakhpur, 1993

4. Progression from Despair to Hope in the Poems of Tennyson. Academic Staff College, Lucknow 1993.

5. Metaphors in Mysticism: The Poetry of Narsingh Srivastava.Creative Forum vol.V Jan.-Dec.1992 (Bahari publications, New Delhi.)

6. Thematic Concerns in Rohinton Mistry�s Such a Long Journey(Pub. Simultaneously in India ISBN 13:9788175510463 and London, ISBN 0861323955).Recent Indian Fiction, Ed. R.S.Pathak, 1994 Prestige, New Delhi.

7. Self-Effacement: Doris Lessing�s Philosophical Reorientation In The Memoirs of a Survivor in a book edited by A.K.Awasthi, Sagar, 1993

8. Subjectivity, Class and Feminism in Shobha De�s Sultry Days. Indian English Fiction: New Perspectives Ed. K.V.Surenderan 2002 Sarup and Sons

9. Claustrophobic Feminine Existentialism in Anita Desai�s Fasting Feasting. Women�s Writing in India Ed. K.V.Surenderan 2002 Sarup and Sons

10. Anita Desai�s New Orientation in Journey to Ithaca. Indian Journal of Contemporary English Criticism (Bhuwaneshwer) vol.I no. I Jan-June 2002.

11. Creative Acculturation in Doris Lessing�s Marriages Between Zones Three, Four and Five. Papers on Contemporary British and American Fiction: Dyamics of Culture Dept of Eng. 2002

12. Cultural Synthesis in Bhabani Bhattacharya�s A Dream in Hawaii. (Atlantic) The Novels of Bhabhani Bhattacharya Ed. Monika Gupta Atlantic 2002

13. Myth, Reality and Prolepsis in Doris Lessing�s Shikasta. Lucknow Journal of English Studies vol.II Jan. 2003.

14. Tradition and Modernity in Anita Desai�s Fasting, Feasting. Tradition and Modernity: Essays on Indian Writing in English Eds. Farhat Ullah Khan and Mohd. Asim Siddiqui Aligarh 2003

15. Post Colonial Identity Crisis in Rohinton Mistry�s Fiction. Papers on Post-Colonial Literature and Theory Ed. Gangeshwar Rai (Dept)) 2003

16. The Paradigm of Progressive Conscience in Doris Lessing�s Fiction. Studies in Women Writers in English Eds. Mohit K. Ray and Rama Kundu vol.I (Atlantic) 2004

17. The Poetry of Ravi Nandan Sinha: A Study. Poetcrit vol.XVII July 2004 No.2

18. Globalizing Family Ties: A Philosophical Interpretation of Rohinton Mistry�s Family Matters.

19. Socio � Spiritual Gnosis in Anita Desai�s Fasting, Feasting. Three Women Novelists: Essays in Criticism Eds. Ravi Nandan Sinha and Sujit Bose Book Enclave Jaipur, 2004

20. The Subaltern Woman: A Critique of Mahesh Dattani�s Tara The SPIEL Journal of English Studies Vol. I No. 2, July 2005).Lucknow.

21. Mahendra Bhatnagar: A Poet of Optimism and Certitude (Points of View vol.XII, no.2, winter 2005 and also in the book Mahendra Bhatnagar: His Mind and Art ed. Dr.S.C.Diwedi and Mrs. Shubha Diwedi, New Delhi, Vista International Publishing House, 2007

22. Neo- nationalism in the Fiction of Bharati Mukherjee Papers on Indian Literature in English After 1980 Ed. Gangeshwar Rai (Dept) 2005

23. The Enigma of Feminine Existentialism in Shobha De�s Snapshots. Indian Women Novelists in English Ed. J.K. Dodiya Sarup and Sons 2006

24. Occidental Quest for Oriental Spiritualism in R.P.Jhabvala�s Three Continents and Anita Desai�s Journey to Ithaca. Studies in Women Writers in English Eds. Mohit K. Ray and Rama Kundu Vol. IV 2005(Atlantic) Also in Critical Essays on Indian Writing in English Ed.J.K.Dodiya Sarup and Sons 2006.

25. Conservatism and Liberalisation: A Post-Colonial Crisis among Indian Women as Depicted in Shobha De�s Second Thoughts.(Poetcrit Vol.XIX July 2006 No.2)
26. The Theme of Affirmation and Sanguinity in the Poetry of D.C.Chambial. The Poetry of D.C.Chambial: Essays in Evaluation Ed T.V.Reddy Poetcrit Publications Maranda H.P. 2007 Also in Points of View Ed. K.K.Sharma vol. XIII no. I Summer 2006

27. Progression from Feminine to Female in the Fiction of Bharati Mukherjee. Perspectives on Indian English Fiction ed. J.K.Dodiya Sarup and Sons 2006.

28. Harold Pinter�s The Homecoming: A feminist Approach (The SPIEL Journal of English Studies Lko. Vol.3 no.2, July 2007.

29. The Paradigm of Ambivalence in the Women Characters of Rohinton Mistry (New Urges in Postcolonial Literature Ed Sunita Sinha Pub.
Atlantic) 2009.

30. Japanese Noh Plays and the Theater of Absurd (Parnassus Vol. I 2009)

31. Silence as Affirmation: A study of the Heroines of Shashi Deshpande. Social Consciousness in the Postcolonial Indian English Fiction Ed. Partha Kumar Mukhopadhyay (New Delhi: Sarup Book Publishers Pvt. Ltd.), 2009. ISBN 978-81-7625-947-7.

32. The Paradigm of Power and Violence in the Plays of Vijay Tendulkar.New Perspectives on Indian Writing in English Ed. Firoz Shaikh et al.( New Delhi:Sarup Book Publishers Pvt. Ltd., 2009) ISBN 978-81-7625-969-9.

33. Behavioural Pattern of the Subaltern in the plays of Mahesh Dattani published as Guest Article in Impressions online January 2010 issue. Can be seen on Also published in Impressions: A Refereed Annual Journal of English Studies Eds. Malti Agarwal and Abha Shukla Kaushik. Vol.4 , 2010. ISSN 0974-9187.

34. Moral and Spiritual Gnosis in Plays of Samuel Beckett. New Perspectives in British Literature Vol.I Ed. By Sunita Sinha (New Delhi: Atlantic Publishers, 2010). ISBN 978-81-269-1383-1.

35.Women at the Crossroads: Reassessing Shobha De�s Snapshots and Second Thoughts Current Indian Writing in English: Essays and Interviews Ed. Kanwar Dinesh Singh(New Delhi: Sarup Book Publishers, 2010).ISBN 978-81-7625-610-0.

36. The Subaltern as Hero in Aravind Adiga�s The White Tiger . Indian Booker Prize Winners: A Critical Study of their Works Vol I Ed. Sunita Sinha (New Delhi:Atlantic Publishers, 2010) ISBN 81-269-1483-8.
37 Existential Postulations in the Book of Job. Modern Literary Theory New Perspectives.Vol.I Ed. Sunita Sinha (New Delhi: Atlantic Publishers, 2011) ISBN 978-81-269-1655-9.
38. Cultural Cognizance in the plays of John Millington Synge. Modern Literary theory: New Perspectives Volume II. Ed. Sunita Sinha (New Delhi: Atlantic Publishers, 2011) ISBN978-81-269-1655-96.
39. The Novels of Shobha De: A Speculum of Feminine Diallage 2012 in Post Modern Indian Fiction Edited by Abha Shukla Kaushik and published by AADI publications, Jaipur;
40. Black Feminism: The American Context. Novel: Theories and Practices Ed. Partha Kumar Mukhopadhyay (New Delhi: Atlantic Publishers and Distributers 2012) 978-81-269-1664-1.
41. Subaltern Subjectivity and Resistance in Aravind Adiga’s The White Tiger. Essays on Indian Writing in English Edited by Kanwar Dinesh Singh, Radha Pub, 2011, viii, 126 p, ISBN: 9788174877482, $20.00.
42. The Metaphor of Silence in the Novels of Anita Desai in the Inaugural Issue of Atlantic Review of Feminist Studies. 2012.
43. Gynocentric Leanings in the Poetry of Jayant Mahapatra in The Quest. Vol.28, No.1, June 2014. ISSN 0971-2321.
44. Destructive Feminism: A Psychoanalytical Interpretation of Women in the Four Great Tragedies of William Shakespeare in Shakespeare A Reappraisal Volume 2 Edited by Sunita Sinha and Carole Rozzonelli. Published by Atlantic Publishers and Distributors, New Delhi, 2015.



1. Narsingh Srivastava�s Nachiketas Points of View Ed. T.R.Sharma Meerut

2. Kurt F Svatek�s On the Wings of the Moment.

3. Anant Kay�s My India: A Shame in Freedom. The Green LotusEd. M.B.Beg vol.IV
No. I Jan-March 2002 Bhuwaneshwer

4. D.C. Chambial�s Poems, Poetcrit.

5. Mahendra Bhatnagar�s Passion and Compassion a review Published in the Sahitya Akademi Journal entitled Indian Literature. No.233 May-June 2006 vol.L. no.3

Interests: Reading, Writing

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • Essays: Impersonal and Personal (Ed.)
  • Feminism and the Post- Modern Indian Women Novelists in English
  • Doris Lessing: A Novelist with Organic Sensibility
  • The Pillars of Twentieth Century English Drama
  • Twentieth Century English Novelists: The Trend Setters