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J. M. Brink

Agent: None
Augusta, Georgia, United States


Home page:

I am a writer of short stories, vignettes, novellas, and novels.

All of my work, unless otherwise specified, is available and distributable
under the terms of the Creative Commons Attributed-Noncommercial-Share Alike

Primarily I write in a space opera setting of my wife's creation, but I will from time
to time write an idea set in some sort of stand alone universe (typically a generic,
unspecified point in our modern day). Regardless of settings I approach tech as
props, plot devices, deus ex machina, special effects, and it all ultimately works at
the speed of plot (thank you JMS for that phrase) and is powered by pixie dust.
Space ships will make banking turns and go "whoosh" because that's more fun --
but because it IS the vacuum of space, they can flip a 180 and fire thrusters if
that'd be more impressive. Aliens come in more varieties than Bertie Botts' Every
Flavour Beans and cross-species breeding is assumed possible except where it

Ultimately my work tends toward philosophical and/or satirical. I like a good
adventure, and certainly Man v Man is a fun and exciting bit of conflict for a plot --
but I prefer to question the wisdom that a large, well funded, and highly structured
military couldn't be handily defeated by a rag tag collection of strong willed, well
trained, competent, colourful ... well ... frankly borderline lunatics. I also really
enjoy writing things that explore what I find interesting thought experiments, for
example in one WIP novel I have a young girl from a society where freedom is so
paramount to a sentient's rights that they have full, unrestricted citizenship from
birth (yes this means they can vote and start a business, et al) transplanted to
something much closer to modern western culture and America in particular.

My greatest influences include but aren't limited to (I read quite a lot, and love a
good movie and occasionally remember I own a TV) Robert A. Heinlein, Terry
Pratchett, Spider Robinson, Douglas Adams, Ed Greenwood, Elaine Cunningham,
George Lucas, and Edgar Rice Burroughs. If you hold violent objection to these
folks (or at least the majority of them) don't read my stuff, you won't like it and I
won't care.

Interests: Space Opera, Scifi, Planetary Romance, Space Westerns, Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery, and Speculative Fiction

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • Stolen Time