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Paul Samji

Coimbatore, India

Words you could use to describe me: Geek, nerd, book-worm, petrolhead, lazy, short-tempered, overbearing, hungry, fire-and-brimstone, stupid, impatient, crazy, nut-job, naive, pig-headed, independent, quick, fluent, adaptive, hands-on, trouble-shooter, committed, good listener, knowledgeable, tolerant, longsuffering, self-reliant, fire-in-the-belly, mentor, good-counsel, not politics-savvy, organised, logical, creative, methodical, inspired, loyal, faithful...

I go to work with my sleeves rolled up. I'm stubborn; learnt how not to do many things the hard way. I'll probably take time to warm up to a person or concept; but once I'm there, I'm committed and quite unwavering. Inclined to be a creature of habit and therefore also conventional. But I'm open to ideas (tsk.. tsk.. they can change the world). Always in search of the new. Technology is the new magic! I love it when we can upset the status quo with good reason and with style. I am in many ways the triumph of faith and stubbornness over reason.

Interests: Technology, Business, News Feature

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No