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Alec Harris

Tokyo, Japan


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June 2009
The Crossroads Country
Space Zero Shinjuku Writer / Director / Executive Producer
(3 Acts / Cast 21 +5)

Commissioned by the Afghan Embassy, Tokyo, the play follows the historical events of Afghanistan from the 1970’s to 2001. Combining actual events, innovative staging, one thousand quotes and over one hundred historical characters the Crossroad’s Country looks at the geo-political events that led up to the creation of the Taliban and the events surrounding 9/11
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April 2009
William Shakespeare’s R3 Metropolitan Arts Centre
Tokyo International Players
(3 Acts / Cast 12 +4) Tokyo International Players
An adaptation of Richard III using the original dialogue, R3 is a non-linear production, set in the battle of Bosworth Field. An injured and dying King Richard is haunted by the ghosts of his past and the mistakes and loves that have led to his downfall. A complete departure from the original, R3 places Richard III in a more historical and sympathetic context without removing or altering the events of the play.

Feb 2009
Four Widows and A Funeral Theatre Echo
(1 Act / Cast 6)
Teatro Kanto
The four ex wives of a pontificating corpse pay their last respects. Comedy.

July 2008
Writer’s Block
Theatre Echo
Writer / Director /
(3 Acts / Cast 9)
New Worlds Theatre
A once successful writer has crumbled into a mess after his divorce and can no longer tell reality from fiction. When he kills a reporter doing a piece on ‘failed writers’ he is forced to confront characters from his books who are wandering around his house while they in turn strive to keep him from writing the one character they all hate; his ex- wife. A comedic, existential murder mystery

Jan 2008
The Last Christmas Woody Theatre / YTG
Writer / Director /
(3 Acts / Cast 9)
New Worlds Theatre
An embattled newsroom is given a contentious story a few hours before air on Christmas Day. Unsure whether to run it or not, cracks start to show in the team and divisions of sexuality, race, religion and ethics are revealed.

Sept 2007
Theatre Echo / YTG
Writer / Director /
New Worlds Theatre
A collection of five 1 act comedy plays.

Nov 2006
Writing William
Theatre Echo
Writer / Director/
(3 Acts / Cast 11)
New Worlds Theatre
A failed playwright and a group of out of work actors decide to create a fake Shakespeare play in order to fool the unsuspecting New York theatre crowd.

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