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John Knowles

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Mancelona, Michigan, United States


Home page:

Locked up three times in two differant States,
This person was very Bad, but now things have changed.
Now an Artist with artworks in some of the most famous homes and offices in this Nation, having been sentanced to 59 years of prison time, under his belt,sub total, this
person requests final help in the finishing off his Book.
Titled ""Robin And The Hood"", this story covers 30 years of a crazy life of an IT-E-IT, and the Love of his life Robin and their five children, the trials and times they all spent, and how life was for them that tight
Theres only one Tony Don't in this world, not many people have lived this on the edge, a sculptor, a Standup comic, and creator of over 5000 individual Tee Shirts to his resume
also with to many copyrighted things to list.
This person has been involved in two Armed Robberies, as a young man, and in both those armed Robberies, someone still
remains unidentified, which means that if I do a robbery with you, I won't snitch on you. Not many men could say this, and prove it with court documents. This person comes with so many documents of proof, of their wild life's. SOME ONE PLEASE HELP THIS PERSON WITH THIS PROJECT, I do not want to have
someone,come along after I die, and try to write this book who never even KNEW ME or ever talked to me, for they would surely paint me differantly than I really am. Help me paint the real me, for people to know. I have a PHD in reality!!!

Interests:  I need someone to assist me with the writting of my autobiography, Can anyone out there help me with my plight? Please contact the above named at the above address with HELP in the completion of this Story

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Freelance: Yes