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Lena Pate

517 Bayberry lane
DeSoto, Texas, United States


Home page:

They Called Her Alivia falls within the genre of young adult fantasy fiction incorporating medieval life style, magical lore and adolescent exuberance and perceptions of life, love, friendship and acceptance.

They Called Her Alivia

A princess born to stop the return of Abaddon must learn her place in the magical realm of Brightenbeam. Through the assistance of twelve warrior fairies from an ancient race, she must survive the constant threats of black magic that attempt to claim or kill her. Tales told over the ages say that he is the angel that rules the bottomless pit, the destroyer. Even with the help of her school friends and familiars, will they be enough to stop Lord Guthrie from acquiring the twelve amulets and releasing Abaddon from his prison beneath the world tree? Her challenge is not only finding all the amulets but in perfecting her abilities with earth and white magic. If she fails and he is released again, he will destroy both the magical creatures and the mortals.

Lena M. Pate is an American writer born in Michigan but transplanted to Texas. She has been married to a wonderful man for over forty years. She is a mother of two and Meemaw to four wonderful grandchildren. Two dogs, Speckles and Darcy, and a cat named Patches adopted her, and they allow her to live in their house. She takes pleasure in writing poetry and short stories for her blog, She has been published in four anthologies, the first edition Umagazine in 2010, and had a poem highlighted in the Sacramento Poetry, art and music e-magazine. She is currently working on a fifth anthology with a group of gifted writers that should be out this September. She authored a crime fiction book entitled Following the Scent, which at the moment is out of print. She has written for the New Texan for the Texas American Medical Technologists (AMT). When she is not writing, she stays busy working as a laboratory education coordinator and medical technologist. She enjoys reading, writing, art, music, and gardening.

Interests: My interests include writing poetry, short stories and fiction. I like to draw, paint, I'm an avid reader and enjoy computers.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • They Called Her Alivia
  • 31 Days of October: A Haunting Collection of Hallowe\'en Tales