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Adbijan, Cote d'Ivoire


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Sir, Adebayo Shamsudeen (born feb. 02, 1983) is a Black mathematical physicist, a nigerian in deed. He is highly regarded for his work in Pure mathematics, in particular his contributions to Sham-Log. He is also a recreational mathematician and controversial philosopher as well as a pure (friction and Non-friction) story writter.

In 2001, Shamsudeen invented Sham-Log theory which maps geometric objects in Exponemtial expression into the Logarithm complex . In 2003 he conjectured the cosmic censorship hypothesis. This proposes (rather informally) that the universe protects us from the inherent unpredictability of singularities (such as black holes) by hiding them from our view.

He has written books such as Failures in Mathematics: Causes and Remedies? Why Do People Fail to Learn Mathematics?, and that true artificial intelligence is impossible. In this controversial book, he argues this based on claims that humans can do things outside the power of formal logic systems, such as knowing the truth of unprovable statements, or solving the halting problem.
The future of any nation depends solidly on her youths. Until a nation begins to think positively about her youth, she will definitely remain unfruitful in all her life. For a nation to be rated a developed state, it does not have any thing to do with her natural resources; neither does it have any thing to do with her human resources; it has nothing to do with her age; but it is indispensable of technology. Thus the rating of a nation depends on her ability to take care of her physical and biological needs devoid of foreign aids and supports. This will only continue to be an illusion if a country fails to encourage her youth to sacrifice their time and energy to study technology; to embrace it and the ingredients of it.
This has to deal with the total review of our existing technology. The way it is taught and learnt must not be left out.We must go back to the drawing board if a lasting solution ought to be put in place. We now have to find out how many people want to study technology? How many have gone into the study and failed? How many have gone into the study and are successful?
Adebayo Shamsudeen is the son of Trader Adebayo Alabi, and the brother of mathemetician Adebayo Ramoh Adedeji.

See also: Sham-Log Exponential.

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