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Sarah Boysen

Agent: Kate Kirby,
Sunbury, Ohio, United States


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Primatologist Dr. Sarah Boysen has studied chimpanzee cognition and behavior for 35 years, including establishing a primate cognition project during which she raised a ragtag group of chimpanzees with love and laughter for 23 years. Her cognition research project, established at The Ohio State University in 1983, began with the arrival of two young chimp named Darrell and Kermit. Over the years, other chimps found their way to Boysen’s doorstep and all were welcomed into her ape family. Boysen’s academic training and background offers a unique perspective from the inside by a working scientist, describing the good, the bad & the remarkable you can encounter when you probe into the mind of a chimpanzee. With three decades spent in the day-to-day company of our closest living primate relatives, she can offer an intimate glimpse into a cross-species world known only to a handful of humans. The author has lectured extensively throughout her career to both small and large audiences and consequently is an effective communicator in all types of settings. Because of the diversity of her audiences, Dr. Boysen is able to read the level of her audience and adjust her lecture content and style accordingly. Her work has appeared in many documentary films including NOVA, Nature, National Geographic Frontiers, BBC, as well as two 1-hour Discovery Channel specials devoted to her chimpanzee cognition studies. Her breath of experience with the media has readily generalized to writing for the general public. Also see Dr. Boysen’s attached Curriculum Vitae for listings of most scientific presentations and a selection of other lectures.

Interests: any animal topic; monkeys & apes; animal cognition & behavior; general science; animal intelligence;

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


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  • The Smartest Animals on the Planet