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Robert Owen

Agent: n/a n/a
* Marcia Way,, Providentia,
Port Elizabeth, South Africa


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I am a professional photographer dealing mostly with young children.
I love what I do, and in the many years I have done this, I've got to know kids pretty darn well. I have a penchant for rhyme and have written many stories in that format. I self-published one myself that was beautifully illustrated by a very talented artist, and it sold very well here amongst the nursery schools with whom I deal. You will notice, however, that amongst the things I do, that 'marketing' doesn't appear. I need help. I have lots of stories ready and waiting, and my artist is itching to get going on more pictures.
My ploy to make this an ongoing venture, is that on the front cover of each one I had thought of printing "Another Grampa storybook" indicating that it is part of a set and the readers should look out for more in future. I have about 35 good stories ready so this won't be a flash-in-the-pan affair.
I would love to find an agent who could assist. I tried CLA but it didn't work out and I'm going to leave it right there so I don't get sued. But I really did get uptight about being asked for cash for this, that and the next thing, and it all came to nought. I don't want to be bitten again.
If anyone out there can help I would be eternally grateful.
In the words of the illustrious Sir Richard Branson, "Screw it let's do it."

Interests: Photography, oil painting, writing, fly-fishing.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No