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Celine Tan

Cheras, Malaysia


Home page:

~ A writer with an Economics degree & knowledge in personal financial planning ~

Worked with investors from various background in the first two years of working years (September 2003 to August 2005) as a mutual fund consultant. During this period, completed the Certification in Financial Planning (CFP) from Module 1 to Module 6.

Worked with a financial planning firm as a para planner to gain experience from the period September 2005 to August 2007, executing tasks such as technical research that covered areas of debt management, wealth protection and wealth accumulation.

Aim to help the public in the financial services industry. Choose the writing field after four years in the industry as I believe media present me greater opportunity to touch ground with people (since September 2007).

I am a self-motivated person and dedicated to work; hence, productive. I have self-discipline and will always work towards meeting the deadlines. To be able to do so, I am good at my follow ups and stay organized at all times. I see myself as a 'team player' as I am willing to help my co-workers if they are in need of assistance to complete their assignments. I feel there's the importance of using one's emotional intelligence while dealing with people of all characters.

Interests: Writing: Profiles, Investing, Insurance, Personal Financial Planning, Estate Planning, Retirement, Debt Management

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


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