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Frances Clarke

County Louth, Ireland


My career as a writer has been very much a stop, start experience.. I first set pen to paper somewhere around the late 1990's when I joined a Writers Group, through which I had a short story published (as part of the Writers Group). I dabble in short stories, poetry and began to write a novel (3 chapters) to which the course director expressed great interest. All came to a sudden and abrubt standstill when life as I knew it collapsed around me.....

I write for simple enjoyment - creating.... escapism.... release of emotions/feelings through the medium of writing. combining fact with fiction... until life, as I understood it, altered dramatically changing me forever..

Now I'm back and ready to pick up my non-starter writing career and seek guidance, fellowship and..........

Interests: , Reading, Writing, People Watching, Golf, Rest & Relaxation.

Published writer: No

Freelance: No