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SK (Sandie) Covey

Spring, Texas, United States


Home page:

Born in Lafayette, Ind. in 1950 transplanted to Texas at
as a infant. Claim to be native Texan. Education in
Business/Marketing and Radiological Technology.
Began writing short stories based on true life experience.
Second book about to release and working on third one.
My goal is to help other women who many find themselves
involved in bad relationships but resist in telling anyone
or doing anything due to danger or embarrassment. I am
going to work on changing laws and policing the internet
from Sociopaths and Sexual Predators who claim the
life of another woman everyday. These social sites are
used by these bad men to exploit women. I love telling
truthful accounts of everyday life. As I was raised in
the South I continue those roots of morals and values passed
on to me by my parents and grandparents.

I write not as a professional but to pass information from one person
to another. I may be able to help someone else avoid the horrible
things which have occurred in my life. That being said, I realize
the publisher is not the best out there, I realize my grammar is
not such of a professional writer, I realize the format is also
held at a much lower standard than others who write books and
articles. My wish is only to express in normal everyday terms
the acts of one who is not normal. It is my hope someone will
ask the questions I give you in "The Professional Divorce Planner, LLC"
or see the abnormal acts of a man in an unhealthy relationship which
I explain in the book "In The Arms of a Sociopath". I find it unbelievable
that everyone which reads books are qualified to judge and review
works for grammar, structure, fragments, format, and spelling.
Believe me I am quite aware of errors and misprints and other
poor structure in these books. Hopefully you will look over those
things and grasp the message I am trying to give you.
SK Covey

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Interests: Writing,Scuba Diving, Golf, Gardening, Spending time with Family, Donating Time to help others

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • What to Do when your lemons Turn Out to Be Grapefruit??
  • In The Arms Of A Sociopath
  • The Professional Divorce Planner, LLC.
  • The Professional Divorce Planner, LLC.
  • Nonfiction

  • Journey of Two Souls
  • Guns and The Law, or Not
  • Me, God, and Twelve Hours In Quito
  • Other

  • My Sperm Died Today