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James Lewis

Agent: NONE YET-I am still shopping this book.
170 Gore Street, Suite103
Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States


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Let’s be up front. This author is well-known by literate persons just about everywhere on Earth. But his name gets ugly fast. Some think he is a nefarious monster; others think he is the scapegoat of a senseless witch hunt. None who intimately know Lewis fear him.

Therein lays fertile soil for an exceptional agent and publisher.

The author, James Wm. Lewis, has been typecast for 26 years in the world news media as the Tylenol Man. Lewis’s controversial name may help or hinder marketing Lewis’s writings, depending on the agent or publisher’s skill, experience and sophistication.

James Wm. Lewis expects to submit to intensive scrutiny, including face to face interviews, by serious prospective agents and publishers.

Agents and publishers can not avoid Lewis’s vitrioc reputation when considering marketing demographics and the content and style of The Doctor’s Dilemma. Agents and publishers must be prepared to proactively confront Lewis’s controversial reputation .

The Doctor’s Dilemma has absolutely nothing to do with any crime Lewis has been convicted of, nor the astonding fact that for 26 years Lewis has been the mass murder Prime Suspect in the Chicago-area, cyanide-laced Tylenol Murders of at least seven victims. But Lewis has never been convicted of murder. Therefore, these atrocious crimes remain unsolved after more than a quarter of a century.

Google “James Lewis Tylenol“, without the quotes. That should yield 114,000 or so results.

It is important to constantly keep in mind that James Lewis has neither been indicted nor convicted of the seven still-unsolved Tylenol Murders. He and his wife were destitute and living in Manhattan, NY before, during and after someone placed cyanide laced Extra Strength Tylenol Capsules on shelves in and around Chicago. Therefore, it was totally impossible for Lewis to have been the killer. Ponder that conundrum.

Twenty-six years has not dampened news curiosity about Lewis. Interest in Lewis is still contemporary and insanely intense. On February 4, 2009, FBI agents invaded Lewis’s Cambridge, MA home, but did not arrest him. Agents seized documents, books, clothing and a truck load of other items. The Boston and national press responded in mass outside Lewis’s condominium while the search was in progress, with journalists on foot, television cameras, video, massive satellite trucks, and several heliocopters. While you are Googling, you will discover what the February 4 reporters wrote .

Lewis has no need to argue his innocent to you. The fact that Lewis has not been arrested nor charged subsequent to the February FBI raid speaks for itself. Once you read the various websites vilifying Lewis, you are bound to have questions of your own as to how this has gone on for so many years. Unless you read the links I have offered, my descriptions must sound unbelievable and Kafkaesque. The dynamics of these mysteries, without taking any position, should yield a savvy agent and publisher substantial revenues.

The DD, as now written, is a provocative novel, involving poisons, stalking and death, tension and conflict, and mystery. Penned by an unknown author, the DD would stand on its own. The fact that its author is also controversial may be a bonus for readers to ponder while reading the novel.

Lewis’s book, The Doctor’s Dilemma (DD), is itself controversial. DD has nothing to do with anything Lewis has ever been accused of, nor any controversy involving him.

However the DD does jump into the deadly drinking water drawn from poisoned aquifers located in Jasper County in Southwest Missouri, where lead and zinc were mined for over a hundred years.

The toxic aquifers in the DD have nothing to do with mining toxins. When the Clean Water Act became law in the early 70, someone dropped stainless steel canisters containing poisonous substances down abandoned mine shafts to avoid federally mandated disposal procedures. Lewis grew up in this region. He knows both the people and the land well. His protagonist is Doctor Charles Rivers, a Harvard Medical School grad, who also grew up on a tiny, twenty acre farm near Joplin, Missouri, the primary setting of the DD.

The DD has at from which you can download a few representative chapters. The vast majority of the DD is carefully guarded and has never been in the public domain.

Go to The Doctor’s Dilemma website above, to learn more.


Interests: I am a portraiture and landscape artist, a photographer and a graduate of the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston,. I am a serious hiker of such torturous rock piles such the 2175 mile long Appalachian Trail, and I run timed road races, mainly in

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  • POISON! The Doctor's Dilemma