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Saulat Pervez

Karachi, Pakistan


Home page:

Educational Background
Bachelor’s degrees in English Literature and Journalism from Rutgers University, New Jersey, U.S. (1998)

Professional Background
• Mentor for A Novel Experience. (March 2005 - Oct.
• Editor and Publisher, Shades of Prey. (Available on
• Facilitator, Reading Workshops, for students and
teachers. (Jan. 2008 – Present)
• Proofreader for Hiba Magazine, Karachi, Pakistan.
(Feb. 2007 – Present)
• Freelance writer for various supplements of
Pakistan’s leading English daily, Dawn: The Review,
Books & Authors, Education, Sunday Magazine. (March
2002 – Present)
• Teacher of English Literature for Classes VII-IX at
Generation’s School, Karachi. (July 2002 – May
• Freelance reporter for Al Jumuah Magazine,
Wisconsin, U.S. (Aug. 1998 – July 2001)
• Reporter for Home News Tribune, New Jersey, U.S.
(Dec. 1996 – Dec. 1997)

A Novel Experience
• A pilot endeavor designed to utilize the writing
talent of youth in order to produce quality
fiction, as facilitated by an adult writer.
• The result: the collaborative writing of Shades of
Prey, a murder mystery set in Karachi, by a team of
six teenagers.(
• Mentored the brainstorming and the writing process
for Shades of Prey; compiled the chapters, edited
them, proofread them. Oversaw the design process of
the cover and the novel and its printing as well.
• Networked with key institutions for marketing and
distribution of Shades of Prey.
• Future plan: to replicate the project so that
similar groups of youth are mentored by writers,
causing a greater quantity of such books to be in
the market, leading to an increase in interest in
reading and writing among the general population.
• Creating an environment of support for writers.

Reading Workshops
• The Quest For Reading: a stimulating tutorial
devoted to teachers which concentrates on
increasing their awareness regarding the
indispensable need for supplemental reading aloud
and sustained silent reading in the classroom.
Tailored to the different sections of a school, it
also tackles everyday problems teachers have such
as lack of time and also offers important tips for
storytelling, complete with examples.
• Taste the Fruit: a motivational reading seminar for
ages 14-17 designed to introduce students to the
gratifications of reading for leisure through first-
hand experience; notably, it engages its audience
in a discussion on the importance of reading in
their lives, the problems they face in independent
reading, and helps them to start their journey to
become readers for life.

Ongoing Project
• Educational Guidebook – based on my teaching
experience, this work-in-progress is aimed at
highlighting the need to develop thinking skills in
students from an early age. More specifically, it
discusses the importance of analytical teaching of
English Literature.

• A Special Garden by Ferozsons (2008)
• Bismillah by Ferozsons (expected soon)
• Salam and Thank You by Oxford (expected soon)
• Some recent articles published in Dawn (
 “A Selfless Struggle” (Sept.14, ’08, Books & Authors)
 “The Quest for Reading” (Sept. 7, ’08, Education)
 “The Treasure is in the Trying” (Feb. 3, ’08, B&A)
 “Parting Ways” (Dec. 16, ‘07, B&A)
 “In Ramadhan, Do as Muslims Do” (Dec. 16, ’07, Magazine)
 “Tardy Policy in Schools” (Nov. 18, ’07, Education)
 “All in the Thumb” (May 17, ’07, The Review)

Interests: Social issues, mentoring young writers, editing, conducting motivational reading workshops. Reading, writing, photography, painting, meeting people... I enjoy creative, journalistic, and academic writing.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Shades of Prey
  • Children's Literature

  • A Special Garden