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Anne Orchard

Charmouth, Dorset, United Kingdom


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Anne Orchard is a life coach based in Dorset, UK, whose areas of expertise include offering support to those affected by illness or death of a loved one and helping them to rebuild their lives. Following the death of her mother from cancer in 1991, and her mother-in-law’s experience of breast cancer in 2004, Anne became increasingly aware of the valuable work performed by charities such as Macmillan Cancer Support and also hospices. Her involvement with her local day-care hospice when living in Derbyshire inspired her to explore ways in which to share the positive philosophy she discovered there. As she researched, she realised she was uniquely qualified to help those who are related or closely connected to cancer sufferers. They are also affected by the diagnosis of the disease, and yet support is so often lacking for them.

Anne gained her expertise through personal experience. Her mother was diagnosed with secondary brain tumours in early 1991. The months that followed to her death were extremely challenging – in spite of the fact that Anne had very little physical input to her care. Each of those who loved her had a different perspective, their own experience. And all found the process very traumatic. Whilst practical support was available, emotionally the family just ‘got through’ the experience as best they could.

Anne then undertook many years of personal development, during which she gradually made sense of her experiences. When her mother-in-law was diagnosed with breast cancer, Anne was older, wiser and able to truly support her in whatever ways she needed. This time the outcome was happier, and Anne had coped much better with the stress in her own life. In sharing the insights she has gained over these years, she is finding her own sense of purpose in encouraging others to find their own lessons in the challenge that has been put before them.

Interests: health, cancer, cancer care, life coaching, emotional support, confidence, financial freedom and passive income.

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  • Their Cancer - Your Journey