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Michele Dine

Columbia, Maryland, United States


Home page:

Hi and welcome to the world of Michele Dine.

First a little of what you will find here…

We will travel together down the paths of crime and suspense. There you will find yourself running from a methodical serial killer with a hunger for the “petite” or along side an assassin predisposed to achieving the “American Dream.” Whichever path you take, I assure you that you will find a commonality with any of the characters as I have portrayed them in my books.
The human instinct can be deadly force when introduced to a number of external factors. Remember,…“Never corner a rat!”

Well…how about my story…

Becoming a writer can be arduous undertaking as I have come to know, however I have learned that there is no greater feeling than the results found in a creative accomplishment. Of this one, I am especially proud. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.

People ask, “How do you come up with these stories,” I believe it is the question most asked of fiction writers. My answer is simple, ‘they are born.’ Of course, if I had to go deeper it would have to be the influences put before me by life (or “God”). I have always been a writer at heart but have only just recently begun revealing them to others. Having an English teacher for a Mom with her own brand of “story telling” probably had a good part in it. Through her, I obtained my love of the written word and found worlds of imagination hidden within. Worlds where I was able to discover on my own. Free to see the great potential in all things even in the smallest of them.
As my limitations were dissolved, my soul began to encompass a love for many things. Through books and in life I traveled, enjoyed film and stage, and sometimes just a simple picnic in the park but nothing ever took the place of reading. It remains one of my greatest loves.
Within books, lie the keys to kingdoms of ones own making.

So, while a movie can provide an escape for a few hours in a dark theater, a good book will allow you to return to a place-time and time again.

If you should be inclined to purchase one of my stories please feel free to tell me of your reading experience. Drop me a note at

Enjoy the path, Michele Dine

Interests: Writing, picnics, long days at the beach, museums, reading

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • La Petite Homicide
  • The Chronicles of an Assassin