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Blue Monday

Mandaluyong, Philippines


Yesterday was Blue Monday. That day, I completed my first twelve stories. That day, Blue Monday, it was the saddest day of my life.
I'm changing all that.

Meet Blue Monday, a voice unheard, but a voice confident and deserving to be heard.
Blue Monday is a poet, a writer.
An artist.

Blue Monday takes the world, places it in a filter, separates the twisted and the normal. Then he takes the twisted and twists it more.
Then he creates a living, breathing world, with living, breathing creatures. Those living, breathing creatures, they are all alone, living in different worlds.
Sometimes, they are Blue Monday.

There are demons in Blue Monday's hands.
Those demons, they tell him to work. Or draw or paint or write.
He doesn't know when the demons will be gone. Maybe never, or maybe he's fallen in love with his craft. Maybe they're gone but the ideas keep sprouting, he hand keeps writing.
What Blue Monday calls the Writer's Orgasm.

Blue Monday? I've never met the person. Nobody has. Nobody knows who he is. Nobody knows his name, but everyone knows what to call him.

They call him Blue Monday.

Interests: Blue Monday is into writing and drawing and poetry. Reading and debating. Sleeping, if that counts as an interest.

Published writer: No

Freelance: Yes