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regardless victory

Agent: w.l. writers agency
dayton, Ohio, United States


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I own at least 1 voting district for the republican national committee, voting district code #id48-09. I have been owning that district since 2002 , honorary- co- chairman of the 2003 president dinner. im in at least 25 anthology�s, some of these titles may include but are limited too jmw publishing, famous poets, American society of poets,internatiuonal society of poets. I have a new book called reading virginity 1.1 comes out February 30 can expect reading virginity 1.1-2.9 also 1.1.1 and 1.1 crucified.. I will up date this website as soon as the book drop., im also suppose to be having a relse party in Columbus Ohio on April 28 2008 we will be hollering back about that event later. I also am ceo of the independent record label coherst developments l.l.c ceo: regardless Devon victory, we own at least three buildings a studio I Dayton Ohio, downtown , a building in Cleveland Ohio downtown
and a building in Indianapolis Ohio downtown, we are plotting on changing up to major manufacturing and distribution, to let more people understand us.
we are going around to colleges talking to the students about laws of the world and trying to add some of them to my g.o.p r.n.c team I have passed several laws before including the law of stopping partial birth abortions. In 2004 certified by the republican national committee
I also am working to help the r.n.c to build a blue print for the government
which is strong and private; the blue print have already consisted of all t.v.s going� digital February 2009,and�also stimulus checks of 2007.�I was invited in 2003 to take a tour of the white house/discuss political business, I have spoke at at least 30 public events, including the double-tree hotel
Colleges and other public places
involving politics, philanthropy,education,s social security,. And helping juvenile delinquents..
I have auditioned for television shows including : until deaf do us apart, and the cinemax drama coed confidential,big brothers,the list just goes on and on
we are working on building a Coherst development center in Houston Texas ..
Also the international society poets have a new book anticipated to be coming out
Published date of fall 2008, they asked me to be within this book, they stated in the letter
Over the past year or so we have been reviewing the thousands of poems submitted to us
As well as examining the poetic accomplishments of people whose poetry appeared on the internet and in various editions released by other poetry publishers in America and Europe
The name of this book is called the best poems and poets of 2007 but I will tell you right now my name is anonymous in the book even though I have been with this society for at least 5 years and out of them five years I was awarded with the nomination of poet of the year at least 3 time out of five years and I�m certifying my self for nomination in 2008 too
But I am not no amateur and some people are going to have to respect that?

Interests: My interest are writing educational material,also writing things of a clairvoyant parapsychology manner.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • Bridge Of Destruction And Terror
  • Bridge Of Destruction And Terror