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Christopher Melder

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Waynesburg, Pennsylvania, United States


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I've been told I'm unique, I know I'm not like anyone you'll ever meet. Not your typical guy. I'm friendly and make friends with most people I meet but never seem to keep many because of my outward honesty. I tell people the truth no matter what it might be as long as they ask to hear it. I believe that the truth it the best compliment and worst insult you can give someone. If more people in this world could believe in the true reality of who they are then everyone would live a happier life like I do. Thatís me or at least the greatest thing I cam say about myself. So if you want to get to know me or just hang out with me just drop me a line, I'll get back to you, but to be "honest" I'll only write back if you are truly someone who takes care of their appearance, has respectable confidence and in-touch with there personality. So be yourself and maybe you'll notice something in your yourself you didn't know you had.

Interests: Trains, Adventures, Travel, Beer, Computers, Technology, Drugs

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