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Oyosa Yo

Shenzhen, China



I, Oyosa Yo, the book’s author also the story’s master, a Chinese merchant and telecom expert with master degree, ever had been a small boss dealing in satellite TV equipment. Since 2001, I had got two detentions by political police and a sentence of 2-year-jail with 3-year-suspension plus huge economic penalty, all was just for my posts on Internet of articles which kindly criticized government of severe corruption so that unable to prevent Falun Gong organization from likely getting satellite TV for its purpose. Unfortunately, one year later, Falun Gong, as I predicted, really attacked Chinese TV satellite. For my innocence, I kept on appealing and petition, and unremittingly maintaining my legal right, demanding police to return my legal asset held since 2001. However, Jun. 2007, when I appealed to court, I got unemployed due to police’s harassment to my employer.
Actually, I am positive and a humorous atheist, neither political dissident nor member of any political party, right such a man who hopes to get freedom to write like freelance.

Interests: mountain-climbing, chinese chess, writing

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes