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Ramona Grigg

Drummond Island, Michigan, United States

I live in Michigan's north woods, where I have plenty of time to consider the world and where I fit into it. I'm now 72 years old and back to writing for publication after a dry period of about 15 years. (I never stopped writing, I just stopped trying to publish)

During my Prime Time I wrote two columns, wrote short stories, did freelance feature writing for both newspapers and magazines, taught creative writing, and served on the board of Detroit Women Writers (now Detroit Working Writers) for many years. I received a grant from the State of Michigan for a novel I still dream about finishing.

I've discovered blogging and it's my new main interest. I have two blogs on Blogger, one political, one personal:



Interests: Writing, politics, labor relations, books, photography, nature, children, equality, compassion, the world

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


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