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Crispy Sea

Holywell, United Kingdom


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I was born with no roots, a child of the earth.
I have no natural affiliation to any race,
creed, colour or geographical location.
I bear no label or stamp on me to denote ownership.
My DNA says only; member of the human race;
no religious, political or social emblems encoded.
I owe allegiance to none but those whom I choose.
My freedom is my own to do with as I wish.

Crispy Sea - 2005
I'd been working in the computer games industry and was heading, from reviews, for a promising career until unfortunately I was invalided out with spinal issues; the accumulation of crashes, sporting injuries and hundreds of hours of mouse clicking?
The birth of my Novel 'Necrolysis' in 1992, was as an attempt to find a new way to interact with a gaming environment. The PCS described in the story was the imagineered result. As I was looking for work as a game designer, less clicking involved, I wrote a game scenario to illustrate the use of the PCS, it became Chapter 9 and structurally is almost entirely as first envisaged.
Late '95, someone reads the scenario, says 'that's a big back-story'. My puzzled look lead to a rough explanation.
In '97 I had a first draft, true to its roots with multimedia in mind, structured to enable transformation to film, TV, game, what have you. Unfortunately, I had no idea how to write! Stick men characters, 'tell' not 'show', the telling of the tale was rubbish but I sent it off anyway. I didn't know!
One agent, Susan Wells, sent a very encouraging reply, but more back problems stopped me acting further and we lost contact. Her letter helped me; I knew she thought I had something. I devoured her suggested reading matter, but still didn't know how to improve what I had and filed the project under 'I gave it my best shot!' It had served a purpose, it had been my sanctuary when the pain was severe; solving a plot loop or creating some action separated me from my infirmity.
In 2001 my wife spotted a creative writing course tutored by Sheila McDermid (Author, The Tower). I signed up, attended weekly and in 2004, started a full rewrite. By '06 I was submitting, but 12 months ago, after yet another rejection, I gave up. My wife picked me up and dragged me, initially, into a major edit and 26000 words later (and shorter) we had a finished product.

Necrolysis is an epic dystopian thriller of contemporary speculative fiction.
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Interests: Philosophy, Religion, Politics, The future, Delusion, Tradition, Custom, Social Etiquette.

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  • Necrolysis