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Colin Rous

Gunlukbasi, Fethiye, Turkey


I wrote a great deal of short stories thirty-odd years ago, but have been too busy working in the field of 'addictions' in the recent past to have anything published. As a result, I have many a manuscript ready and waiting for that final flourish before returning to the writing field.
Since taking early retirement I have gone back to the 'short stories' and have developed these towards full-length novels. Living now in Turkey I find it very difficult to access agents, and the postal system leaves much to be desired!
I am currently looking into the history of opium use in Turkey and have created a character - Mustapha Memet Yeni - whose family have, for many generations been 'supplies' of the drug on the open market. The historical emphasis on the Ottaman empire has given great scope for 'adventurous writing' and I am looking to develop this further.

Interests: I enjoy researching Scottish and Welsh history and 'slotting' a character in to the events of that period.

Published writer: No

Freelance: Yes