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Asa Me

Agent: agentname
johor, Malaysia


I'm not like some aspiring writers who knew their calling from a tender age.Infact I never saw myself as a writer.Since young I've always had a vivid imagination.I take pleasure in deluding myself that I belonged in that whole other dimension I made up. I remember once in alimentary school,I always ended up being chided for daydreaming.Somehow I coulndn't stay focus for long. Till now I still feel the slight tinge of guilt for those poor teachers who tried to get my attention back on the books. Luckily, I soon adjusted myself & don't daze off as often.Probably it's because I'm growing older & I'm able to withdraw myself..most likely! It's only recently that I realize I'm able to share my thoughts with others without being called a harebrained & a scatty! What's important now is the fact that I'm loving my choice of career.

Interests: There are various sorts of interests that never fails to brighten up my day. I enjoy both outdoors & indoors activities,but it depends on my mood. What I delight in the most, is a book in hand.

Published writer: No

Freelance: No