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Ken Sloan

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Steinen, Germany

I was born in rural North Texas at the end of World War II, the first son of an American soldier returning from the Pacific Theater and his childhood sweetheart. My early years were spent roaming the mountains and beaches of Oahu, Hawaii, stuffing my pockets with wet mysteries and learning to speak pidgin English with my dark-skinned friends. After four years at MIT studying the technology of the sacred (and the sacred of technology - it was 1968), I spent two years as a Vietnam era enlisted soldier. A long career as a technology and management consultant followed, focused finally on team-based decision making for multinationals. Since 1995 I have lived in the Black Forest with my German wife and our two daughters.

For the last four years have been working on a novel about the transformative experiences of a young Polish boy from Leipzig during his five years of internment in the Dachau Concentration Camp during WW II. The first two parts of the three part novel are concerned, however, with earlier events: first in Africa around 1580 (a disastrous clash between two African tribes over scarce water) and then in Freiburg Germany in 1620 (the peak of the witch trials there), that bear directly on the boy's experiences and the difficulties of his relationship with his sister.

The book is written on a very human scale - the story of twins, the boy and his sister, and their struggle to find peace between them. But the issues that divide them are exactly those with which we all struggle: fear, discrimination, abuse of power, and the longing for love and acceptance. We must each take this journey for ourselves; and as we do the larger systems of our families, our tribes, our nations, and our worlds move forward as well.

The book is finished now and I am interested in finding out if there is a chance to get it published for the mass market. It has everything: action, humor, despair, death, suspense, sex, epochal sweep, and in the end even love. It should do well.

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