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Christian Nadeau

Quebec, Quebec, Canada


MSN: Christian

Well, let's see... I am a french canadian but every book I've read for the past fifteen years has been in written in english. In no way does this make me an expert but it did encourage me to start writing in the tongue I read rather than the tongue of my forebears.

I have been a role-player for almost as long as I've been reading in english and due to a suspicious hazard, I always found myself to be the Dungeon master or whatever it would be called according to the game we were playing. Following this trend, I decided that for once instead of making people improvise through my convoluted stories and wreak havoc upon them, I'd rather put the words floating in my mind down on paper instead.

And so here I am, revising and rewriting for the last time I hope my first attempt at a finished novel after five years of part time writing that has been far too often interrupted by prolonged lapses of inactivity.

Interests: Wheel of Time, A song of Ice and fire, Kushiel series, Elantris, Mistborn, Symphony of ages.

Published writer: No

Freelance: No