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Sharon McDaid

Wicklow, Ireland


Okay, I'll admit...I'm a teenager but I have written one full story that took me two years to write. After reading back on it recently, I'm not surprised that it wasn't published but in my defence I was eleven! The story that I'm writing at present is nearly complete and has taken me roughly six to seven months. It's probably the longest thing I have ever written. When I'm finished it I want to get it published (obviously!). The problem with the last book I book I wanted to get published was 1. It was far too short (I have realised that and now I know what length to aim for.) 2. The publishing houses I sent my manuscripts to weren't printing children's fiction at the time (I'll admit it, I didn't research the houses properly, but I've learned from that). 3. I sent one of my manuscripts handwritten (Gasp! I dont know what I was thinking. My printer was out of ink and I wanted to send it off as fast as possible!)
But, as I've said, I have learned and am still learning from my mistakes. When I compare, what can only be called a short story, that I tried to get published when I was 11 to the book that I am currently editing, it shows how much, not only my writing, but how my imagination has matured. I tried to make the last book as realistic as possible which made it seem totally fake and unbelievable. I have learned to take it to a whole other level where it's so unrealistic it's believable!
The inspiration for my current work came to me when I was listening to music. I spent about three months trying to get it off the ground but it kept falling flat. It was my first year English teacher who gave me the beginning of my story, only he didn't realise it! So thank you Mr. J. Kelly!

Interests: Fiction, crime, thrillers, fantasy.

Published writer: No

Freelance: No