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Carina P

Halmstad, Sweden

I work full time as a medical doctor, I'm a mother of three, married, and have a huge house. I really shouldn't have time for writing... but I do. I sleep too little, snap at everyone around me, and write all the time I can steal from laundry, children (yes, I'm ashamed of that), cooking, lawn mowing, and other Things A Mother Should Do.

As it is, I have yet to find the courage to even try to get published and I think of this as maybe a first small step into the unknown.

I write... thriller-drama-ish. I'm mainly interested in the minds of the characters, what makes them work the way they work, how do they go from point A to B, how does that change them in the end... I tend to see the plot as the framework for that psychological interplay which is the real story.

And yes, I'm Swedish, and insane enough to write in a language that isn't my native tongue. One day I hope to muster the courage to actually write in Swedish...

Interests: Writing (duh!), reading, watching movies,

Published writer: No

Freelance: No