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Manny Garcia

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


Home page:

Yahoo: ask_manny

I am a start-up author and first time self-publisher of the book, KAPENG ARABO, a book about Filipinos'lives inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

While the setting is peculiar to the kingdom, the stories are nevertheless reflective of the aspirations and dreams of every Filipinos working outside of the Philippines.

Written in Filipino language, KAPENG ARABO is a mix of social satires (Pinoy's beholden concept of wealth, more often equated to material and commercial), funny story (how come one loses hair in Saudi), and a narration of the cold political reality (why Pinoys turn their back on the country).

The stories are old and ordinary yet presented with warm, fuzzy heart, and sometimes with a twisted, black and rotten hate.

KAPENG ARABO is a narration of yet another fresh and true voice that will affect, disturb, enrage, or laugh at the Filipino in you.

Interests: documentaries, inspirational

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No