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Mike Hallett

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On November 23 2,003 I discovered a graveyard with a number of large scale prehistoric sea dragons. Latter the discovery would come to be know as the discovery of the Hallettestoneion Seazoria Dragons remains. The largest, oldest, and most advanced forms of life ever discovered. The Seazoria Dragons are between 130 to 300 feet long depending on the individual species. Teeth are basically 3 feet long. Although here at the Hallettestoneion Research Project we say that the average tooth size is 27 inches on the full size teeth. Largest tooth to date has been 44 inches excavated from the mouth of Hillfieldion Seazoria. Bottom back tooth on right hand side of the jaw was 44 inches . The back right side top tooth measured 42 inches long.

I have hand written 13 books on the subject of Hallettestoneion Seazoria Dragons (Discovery). Most of the material written in the Seazoria books was written while I was in the Seazoria Dragons graveyards either looking at the Seazorias or studying, examining or excavating Hallettestoneion Seazoria Dragons.

The Hallettestoneion Seazoria Dragons were frozen alive 540 million years ago are are buried in a band of strata just below an ancient sea shore dating back 540 million years ago. The Seazoria Dragon remains have been reduced to dirt and stone. after 540 million years the Seazoria Dragons are deep into the reclamation process. Due to the fact that the Seazoria Dragons were frozen alive basically the the remains are mostly intact. Meaning most of the components are all still present. This is especially true below the surface. Remains that are above the surface are subjected to the elements and subsequently exposed remains are subjected to accelerated erosion and deterioration and gravitational distortion due to water trickling though the remains.

Myself after six years and more than 10,000 hours of extensive Hallettestoneion Seazoria field and laboratory experience and studies I like to concentrate my efforts on Seazoria skull matrix's. The Seazoria bodies are so huge and complex that I prefer to work on the skull and teeth. Part of the reason for concentrating on the skull matrix is because this is the area of the Seazoria Dragon that demonstrates the utmost in evolutionary development. The Seazoria Dragon teeth which are arranged in what I call a horseshoe - duck billed configuration sort of like an alligator because the teeth extent out in a horse shoe configuration out and around the front and sides of the skull. Special note Skull has survived and the teeth have survived the jaw bone has not survived so with Hallettestoneion Seazoria Dragons you are left with the skull and the teeth. The teeth are located 10 to 40 inches below the skull There is no mouth cavity left. The skull has collapse down into the mouth cavity distorting the original location of the top rows of teeth. As a general rule the top teeth have been folded over and the bottom rows of teeth are fairly close to their original locations. The skull matrix collapse must be factored in when excavating and reconstructing the Seazoria Skull matrix. The skull matrix collapse follows the path of gravity downhill. The Hallettestoneion Heights graveyard is located on an elevated peninsula sloping downhill towards today's present Great Salt Lake 1,200 feet below.

Excavating a Hallettestoneion Seazoria Dragon skull is is a truly spectacular experience. As you begin to excavate down to the teeth that is where the real fun begins. It is at that point an individual begins more fully comprehend just how extremely evolutionarily evolved the Seazoria Dragon had become prior to their extinction. And when you begin to expose the teeth a person really begins to understand how the whole skull matrix works. Being on the site, standing in the jaw looking at the skull you can view the skull and teeth in their proper perspective correctly.

To view photo of a Hallettestoneion Seazoria skull matrix excavation you can visit the Seazoria Dragon website Thanks written by the Hallettestoneion Seazoria discoverer Mike Hallett aka Seazoria. Your information is from an insiders perspective. We are now just six days away from the television premier of the Discovery of the Hallettestoneion Seazoria Dragons.

Interests: My mane is Mike Hallett and I really enjoy writing on the subject of very large prehistoric Hallettestoneion Seazoria Dragons. One of the Greatest life sciences and evolutionary discoveries in history.I also enjoy adventure trekking anywhere on the plane

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  • Discovery of the Hallettestoneion Sezoria Dragons