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Clara Pimstein

Santiago, Chile


MSN: clarpims


I am a woman in a mature stage of the life. I can look backwards and understand. I
was educated under two extreme forces that have been fighting, intertwining and
intergrading in my inner through all my life. These were the science vs the
humanism (rational vs emotional), I acquire both. Now I know what happened: I was
the only responsible of the permissions I gave to the action of others to interfere
and affect me in the emotional side. The result of this was a position of a hidden
marginality, which I am trying to give up.

This hidden marginality gave place to many questions, one very important was:

* Being a professional (geologist), coming from an enlightened family where
values such as culture, love, nobleness, justice, "equality" and "respect"
constitute the daily basis,

* Being a person with sensibility and a broad spectra of interests, and

* Having an economic independence, I was able to be trapped in such a way and
for so long time?

Trapped by the concentric circles of the society: the husband, the family, the friends,
the companies, the country, the continent, and the world. I was able of unseal some
but not all the traps. After twenty-seven years of marriage, one day I left a
possessive husband, keep a loving and comprehensive son and began to live,
knowing and pulling out what is in my inside. This inside that cannot be seen or
measured with established parameters.

By the moment, I have made some discoveries related with invisible but tight nets
where we are immerse. Nets of oppression and dominance. I continue looking for a
balanced recognition of what women represent and this must be done in
concordance with men.

My first and important discover, was the trap of the language. It consists that in the
society the sensorial communication language is associated to the women and is
not acceptable in the normal productive activities ruled by a long patriarchal
dominance inheritance. To enter in the structure of the society you must use their
rational code. However, because, previously as a woman you have developed a
sensory code, you show a strength that represents a dominance danger, to be
prevented of entrance.

Second discovery is that men in general "ignore" all the women categories. They as
a rule, only recognize to types of women: those that are rational (masculine-
intellectual, associated to production) and those that are sensory (feminine-
frivolous, non-associated to production), making to disappear in practice, a third
intermediate category, that it is the sensory-rational and that also pertains to it.

Third discovery, the women within the society act in different ways: those, the
majority, who accept the men structure of the society with all what it means, and
that raise up their own children under the established premises and a minority who
don't accept it.

Fourth discovery, most of the men and most of the women are against changes! It is
a very comfortable position! Dominium vs Status.

Santiago, Chile 1996.

* Poetry in my childhood. Many prizes.

* Translation from English into Spanish of what I consider a literary jewel: "Found
Treasures: Yiddish Women Writers" (Second Story Press, Toronto, 1994. Ed. F.
Forman, E. Raicus, S. Silberstein Swartz y M. Wolfe). A compilation of stories
written by Jewish women from Eastern Europe, past century until the fifties: hidden
experiences, struggles and performances. To be published some day.

* Oneiric Images, a four hundred-page book of three-years correspondence,
between two old friends, whom in their adolescence did not enough explore their
mutual attraction. Today in their maturity and up to the light of their own life
experiences, have again an approximation, this time written and full of energies. My
virtual adventure friend, mysterious disappears as a comet. Names and places
were changed, living only baste of an exquisite dialogue, plenty of fancy.

* In addition, I have started My Biography and structured an essay: "The Women:
The Visible and the Invisible".

- Poem: Dream in The Innocence of Time (1998, p.79)
- In the scientific area, geology : 3 books co-author, 15 published articles and 82
private reports.

Digital High Resolution Photography. Since 2000.


"Ikh heng tvishn do un dortn - Di malke fun stires"
"Hanging between here and there, Queen of contradictions" (Blume Lempel)

Interests: poetry; prose; women; soul; study the hidden marginality of women in the society; translation English-Spanish

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Dream in The Innocence of Time