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Darrell Sadler

Madison, Tennessee, United States


My life reflects a series of challenges. In 1963, I was born in Hubbard Hospital located in Nashville, Tennessee. While growing up in Madison, Tennessee, my life was uneventful. I played like other youth and had dreams.

In 1982, I graduated from Madison High School. One of my dreams was about to come true. A football scholarship enabled me to attend Western Kentucky University. After two years, my dream became a nightmare. I traded college books for crack cocaine and lost everything. I became a street junkie who only cared about getting high.

That high ended when my drug abuse caused a brainstem stroke. Then I fell into a coma. My body slept for three months. The high was over. When I woke, I was ready to rebuild my life not as a junkie because I was like a child.

The medical staff at Vanderbilt Hospital spent two years teaching me to walk, talk and write again. After learning to how to write, my brutal memories inspired me to write poetry. Cocaine stole my life leaving a man full of anger, fear and emptiness. I was alone.

I needed to fill my world with something and give myself a reason to live. I needed a new dream. My vision was to prevent anyone from making my mistakes. I shared my poetry at cultural events, schools, libraries and other places. Whenever someone wanted to listen, I recited some of my inspirational poems about overcoming the past.

From my dedication, I received honors and awards such as the Margaret Smith-Beach Award for Dedication to Poetry; some certificates of recognition; a community service award and special invitations to recite at events. My poetry was growing as I became stronger.

I eventually gathered 68 poems and bound them into a book. People usually asked me if I had a book after hearing me recite my poems. This book is the result of those many requests. My book, POETRY FOR THE WORLD\'S PROBLEMS,, helps me to reach more people and communities to stop the madness. It is my first book. Also, it is the shield I carry to fight against the epidemic of drug addiction. I still battle to make a difference in the world. I may walk and speak slower, but the white snake didnt silence me. With my poems, I shout to wake up others from their nightmares.

Interests: Inspirational/Motivational speaker and poet who focuses on drug abuse rehabilitation and positive images for youth..

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • Poetry for the World's Problems