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Barry Rachin

Attleboro, United States


I grew up on the South Shore of Boston. After high school I joined the Navy, spending the first half of the Vietnam War serving as a medic stationed at a military hospital in Yokuska, Japan. Following college, I lived in Israel several years, first on a kibbutz in the Upper Galilee and then studying at the University of Jerusalem.

I have described my growing disillusionment with the ‘Land of Milk and Honey’ in several short pieces, most notably ‘Leo and Theo’, which you can find in my second collection of short stories, The Misfit Motel, and on my literary website at

After receiving a masters degree in clinical counseling, I bounced around between a wide variety of professional (and not-so-professional) vocations finally opening a small
home care agency caring for the elderly and handicapped with my wife. As a short story writer, my approach to publishing is, admittedly, rather eccentric. About a year ago I taught myself how to bind books by hand. The first few efforts were rather primitive, but over time I refined my skills to the point where I was putting together two and three hundred page hardcover books using high quality bookbinding materials.

A librarian at one of the local libraries in Rhode Island where I donated a copy of The Misfit Motel commented that the book was quite attractive and of noticeably better quality than the majority of ‘self-published’ books that arrived at her branch.

At present I am content to place my handbound books in public libraries, give them away to friends and relatives or sell them through word of mouth and the Internet. From a practical standpoint, this approach makes utterly no sense to most business-minded folk and probably reads like something out of the theater of the absurd!

But what if a writer doesn’t particularly care about earning a profit from his craft? What if he simply wants to bypass all the naysayers, publish and get his book into the hands of an infinitesimal microcosm of readers who might derive a particle of pleasure from the content? He is even willing to donate complementary volumes to local libraries with no ulterior motive other than to share his writing with the reading public. Let’s remember that ‘to publish’ from the Latin root publicare simply means to bring to public attention, announce.

Barry Rachin

Interests: music, woodworking

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • The Misfit Motel
  • The Misfit Motel