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Paul Schilperoord

Den Haag, Netherlands


Home page:

Current: Since 2004 I have been researching for a new non-fiction book and documentary about a German engineer of Jewish origin who is the true father of the Volkswagen Beetle. He already used the name Volkswagen and created the technical concept in the 1920s, proved his concept by prototype in 1930, dubbed his creation the 'Maikaefer' ('May Beetle') and inspired the German government and car industry to jointly develop his idea for a German Volkswagen. In 1934 Adolf Hitler took this idea and commissioned Ferdinand Porsche to develop the Volkswagen, while its Jewish creator had to escape the country to save his life. My research has unearther thrilling facts that put together an industrial spy story with deceipt, slander and Nazi assassination attempts behind the most popular car of all times.

Past: After a succesful study in mechanical engineering and industrial product development I started my journalistic career in 1999. After gaining some experience I quickly established myself as a free lance journalist, specializing in innovative technological developments and industrial design for a number of specialist and consumer magazines. In 2004 Dutch publisher Veen Magazines published my first book 'Techniek van de Toekomst', focusing on current concepts and prototypes that showcase what kind of innovative products will be likely to come onto the market in coming years. In 2006 Black Dog Publishing from the UK published my second book 'Future Tech: Innovations in Transportation', which by focusing on dozens of current concepts and prototypes discusses how we will transport ourselves in years to come. Since 2004 I have been researching the life and work of a Jewish engineer from Germany who is the true inventor of the Volkswagen Beetle.

Interests: Innovative technology and design

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Future Tech: Innovations in Transportation
  • Techniek van de Toekomst