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Paul Lambert

Mellerud, Sweden


I was born in Canada in 1976 and having lived in Iceland and now in Sweden, I have taken in an interest in all aspects of global culture and history.

I currently work as a translator full-time but I have managed to write a few non-fiction books about various topics such as science for the backwoodsman, political philosophy, multi-language word-lists and even short book about the Arab-Israeli conflict presenting a point of view contrary to most of those heard in the mainstream media. It is this last book in particular which I am looking to publish.

Twice now have I left my own country to go to a foreign land where I didn't know anybody, didn't speak the language and had no place to stay. Challenging yes ... and I loved every second of the adventure. I hope to share a bit of what I have gathered from my life experiences in my writing.

Interests: Foreign languages, history, classics, science, radio

Published writer: No

Freelance: No