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Engr.Efren Manez-Maint.Consultant/Book Author

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Quezon City, Philippines


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His interests: "To contribute to the industry's continued growth in the field of FACILITIES OPERATION & MAINTENANCE" is his core advocacy; hence, the central topic of his 1st published book - NOW AVAILABLE at all CENTRAL BOOKS' outlets (Tel.+632 3723550).He invites you to feel free to touch base with him should you need help in this area.
He loves to listen to various subject-matter experts; reading books; watching documentary films; poetry, painting, Tai-Chi, writing, music/guitar playing, and culinary art.
A BSc. Mech. Engg. graduate,he began his professional practice in the field of assets/facility maintenance in 1976. Since then, his calling continuously pursued only 2 major disciplines and occupational applications which are the assets operation and maintenance scheme set ups (including their hands-on management) and construction project management while then working for the various well-reputed companies and organizations. His works mostly brought him to different South East Asian countries. The protracted overseas assignment and many travels provided him the opportunities of doing close collaborative works and studies with his foreign (Asian and Western) counterparts and similar trade practitioners. In July 1996, he permanently based himself in the Philippines and switched to freelance facility maintenance management consultancy while at the same time did select project management stint for an international project management firm.
Among his past maintenance and construction project management applications included fleets of transports and construction heavy equipment, and landmark structures (grand sultanate palace, five star hotel, high-end office condominiums, cultural center, etc.). In addition, the two major geothermal electric power generation - facilities operated by one of the leading multinational companies where the author worked (1998 to 2005) as its main maintenance consultant assisting in the development and oversight of their overall maintenance program. His consultancy works generally included, among others, the conduct of lectures and workshops on maintenance programs development, oversight on their actual development and implementation; periodic maintenance audits, and business processes and manning review. His long professional practice also unavoidably entailed the technical collaborations with other specialty consultants and service providers for the affiliated fields and programs such as the assets computerized management, building energy management, maintenance inventory management, water treatment co-management, equipment condition monitoring, equipment operating statistics, and other sundry related ones.
He is the founding Director of the EGM Facility Maintenance Management Consultancy Services, registered and based in Metro Manila, Philippines.

Interests: Contributing to the further advancement in the field of development and management of every asset/facility's operation ad maintenance is an advocacy to me - a published book author on the subject. Let me know if you need help in this area.

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