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Roger Laferriere

Sudbury, Ontario, Canada


"Many of the poems, like the experimental 'a reiki of my own', attempt to explore possible realities through first-person narratives and a more or less restrained stream of consciousness form. The poems are successful, not for their sense of clarity, but for their sincerity, and their thrust towards originality."

- Rob O'Flanagan "The Sudbury Star"

Roger Laferriere's work contains an incredible amount of passion and emotion. He seeks from his readers a response that is not easily forgotten or left behind. His poems are intense, whether they are dark and despondent, or humorous and intelligent.

In 'as we lay there', a father must watch, paralyzed, as his son tumbles down a flight of stairs. In 'the african started in', the reader is forced to deal with racism, injustice and man's misconceptions, until at just the right point, Roger spins the poem into a whimsical tale where animals speak and a cricket holds the answers to the universe.

"Though written in a common tongue, the messages are quite complex... it does exemplify Roger's observance of language."

- Dylan Callens "Lambda/Laurentian University"

To date, Roger has published three CD-ROM books and one paper collection. The CD-ROMs are completely engrossing, as they are a visual and audio feast for the sense. Books and pages were scanned in from an old leather bound novel to create the CD-ROM of "Doing Time...", a collection of poems and short stories. It is graphically stunning and quick loading, using Acrobat Reader as its platform. There are also audio narrations and commentaries by the author.

"Doing Time..." was also turned into a hand-bound volume. More poems and short stories were added to the paper copy, and since its release a year ago, it has sold incredibly well. Word of mouth has carried it over into a second and third printing.

The second CD-ROM is "The Dying Place", a young adult horror novel that is illustrated by Rob Sacchetto. The artwork is as frightening as the story, and it captures the reader from beginning to end. It also contains audio clips, narrations that have been morphed to sound almost demonic.

Last is the CD-ROM of "The Finger Prince", a children's picture book. It is aimed at children aged 2-7. It is the story of a prince who searches for a princess and along the way finds courage as well as friendship. It is a truly precious story that cannot help but make you smile. The children do not understand the pun (of the finger prints), but once it is explained to them, you will note that they often glance at their own finger throughout the story... which then forms a bond between storyteller and child. It is a bond which Roger has enjoyed with many children every time he has told this story at various events. This CD-ROM is also narrated, by Karen McPherson, so that children can listen and read at their own pace. The illustrations are by Roger Laferriere.

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  • Doing Time...