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Jim Buthman

Agent: Ashley Glenn
Flagstaff, Arizona, United States


Home page:

I have always written in one form or another. Much of the time, simply to myself but have penned my share of college papers.

I began an online journal about one year ago. The journal: Politics and Nature, examines current themes affecting American society relating to both the natural and the political environment because I believe they are intimately intertwined. My writing has suffered as of late due to demands at work and my attempt at selling my first book..."America Matters: Why We Should Care!"

I have thought about the book for over twenty years really. I began putting my thoughts about America down on paper in earnest back in 1993 and 1994. I put it aside in 2005 because I was finishing a master's thesis on Arizona's wildfire conundrum and I had to leave academia for a time to make money.

I returned to the book in August, 2007, only to discover I had not saved a computer copy of the book I had worked on. In the end, this worked well because I had a hard copy which I worked off and was able to adjust the book into its final form from the original hard copy I still possessed.

Taking time away from the working world for six months provided me the necessary ability to finish America Matters and begin to market it, mainly to family and friends to begin with. The journey of a thousand miles and all that.

Anyway, the book is a defense of America and I believe it to be an easy to read primer for citizen participation and dialogue. In our all-too-cynical world, it is often lamented how horrid and destructive our government, and the society we have created, has become. I try to remind the reader about our history, our committment to liberty, and political realities of today.

It is my attempt to elevate our national dialogue beyond what we see in the knock down-drawn out battles polluting our airwaves. I am proud of this country because of its defense of individual liberty...and sometimes that arrives in strange ways.

I returned to full time work in April of this year and, at the same time, have tried to market and sell the book. I am returning to work on my PhD in public policy and American government with an emphasis on the environment at Northern Arizona

As for me......I grew up in the north suburbs of Chicago, in a town called Deerfield. Throughout my youth, I spent formative times in the woods of the Catskills and on Lake Michigan. I attended Colorado State University from 1987 to 1992, with a year off in the middle (I was a counselor/electrician/and travelled Europe), earning my bachelor's degree in political science. I received my master's degree from Northern Arizona University in 2006.

In the meantime, I travelled and worked. I used to take about three months off each year to assuage my wanderlust. Now, I hope to spend more time in the woods than I have been of late and return to writing as much as possible.

Interests: Nature, reading, writing, travel, sports, research, political thought, camping,

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • America Matters: Why We Should Care!